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  1. Hi, I sent you a mail to your adress now.
  2. Two days ago, I finally 'solved the code' to keep my balance on a airwheel. I'm using a IPS Zero 350 who I bought from a friend that was upgrading he's equippment. Of course, it was late and I should just take one more ride around in the neightbourhood. A car distracted me and I didn't see some sand and stone in the road where I of course lost control and fell off in around 15 km/h. I'm fine, but the wheel did take alot of damage. In the beginning, it was biiping alot and all the LED-lights was red, I did turn of the biiping by actually moving the tire around for a bit. But, the LED was still on, both if I tried to turn the wheel off. I looked into the manual and it told me constantly red lights would indicate the battery was empty, the app on my phone did show the same thing. So I was trying to charge it trough the night, but nope.. The wheel is dead, it won't turn on anymore. BUT the battery or motherboard is warm and it can be warm for a long time after charging the wheel. I guess it can be either the batteries who is damaged or the motherboard, but I am not certain at all. Have any of you heard about similar issues before? How to fix? I hear the support on wheels here in Norway is terrible, so I'm abit sceptical to send it in right now and starting to think maybe it will cost more for service than buying a similar wheel.
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