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  1. It's completely dead now.
  2. An old thread, but bumping it since it happened to my KS16 today. I rode it back from work, and wanted to turn it off so I could carry it up the stairs to my house, like I normally do. Pushing the on/off button made the wheel lose balance, but the wheel itself "locked", so could not move the wheel manually - and LED lights didn't turn off. I couldn't turn the wheel off at all. After holding the wheel upright with the handles and wondering what to do for about 30 seconds, it started vibrating for a split second, then shut off - for good. Now I can't turn it back on at all.
  3. Hey guys, I play music when riding my KS16, but I want to upgrade the speakers to be louder. Has anyone any experience on doing that? Any problems when changing the speakers that I should be aware of? And what speaker did you try out? I want the whole city to know I'm coming their way.
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