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  1. Code In Space

    Unicycle stands are just guitar stands!

    I have that exact stand. It works well for my small training wheel, but is not really stable with a Gotway ACM. The ACM is wide enough at the top that the wheel is almost vertical in the stand. On a carpeted floor the weight pushes the front feet down and the wheel gets even closer to vertical (and hence unstable).
  2. Code In Space

    How I Instrument My Rides - WheelLog & Pebble

    Cerbera, Excellent. Thanks. I did not know that was there. (Noob to Android) I think I should give you either a green up arrow or a heart.
  3. Code In Space

    How I Instrument My Rides - WheelLog & Pebble

    Marty, you inspired me to put Wheellog on my phone and connect it to my Pebble to diplay info from the Gotway ACM. Really cool. Now, if I could get it to display in mi/h instead of km/h.
  4. Code In Space

    Pedal assisted Euc!

    It looks like there is at least one geared, torque sensing, eletric-assist unicycle out there. Don't know if this is what you are looking for, but it gives you a person you can contact for more specific information. In the video he talks about some of the technical details of getting the electric-assist to work. As @Chriull mentioned, you could look to an e-bike forum for more information. The second link is to an e-bike forum that posted a link to the video, so there may be some help there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C1n6XAypag https://electricbike.com/forum/forum/main-forum/general-discussions/13226-a-geared-torque-sensing-electric-assist-unicycle-prototype
  5. Code In Space

    Steep Learning Curve

    Also, there is Duff's 10 tips. Tip #5, Use a fence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKo_c2JWSMc&t=546s In my case, I have a hand truck/dolly that was a big help when I was first learning. https://smile.amazon.com/Harper-Trucks-Super-Steel-Convertible-Pneumatic/dp/B00BCJZEAE/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1498320445&sr=8-17&keywords=dolly+hand+truck It can be used as a two wheel hand truck (not as useful) or as a four wheel dolly (great). When I got better at riding I would pick up on the handle and raise the back wheels off the ground. Even later, I would use it to get started, then let it drift to the side and I would continue on without it. It even worked in the park when I tried it there.
  6. Code In Space

    Steep Learning Curve

    Howdy, If there is a semi-soft surface available to you, you might want to give that a try. Something like a park or soccer field that has enough use to get packed down more that the soft surface you are currently using, but still has enough grass to cushion the inevitable falls.
  7. Code In Space

    Pedal assisted Euc!

    Howdy, It seems like you would need to change the EUC controller by replacing the gyro (tilt measurement ) with a strain gauge (chain tension perhaps). Then the assist would be proportional to how hard you press on the pedals, and would assist in the same direction that you wanted to go. There is a feedback loop in there somewhere that would need to be tuned. Not sure if any of this is true, but it seems like a place to start.
  8. Code In Space

    My Riding Safety Gear

    Howdy, You mentioned that the one downside to your knee pads was that you had to take off your shoes to put them on. You could try putting them up against your knee and Velcroing them in place. I.e. don't put your leg through the elastic tube. Since it is probably the Velcro that holds things in place when you hit the ground, being inside or outside the elastic tube should make little difference.
  9. An excellent question, and one that I can not begin to answer. If you want to go down the rabbit hole with batteries you can start with this thread: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/7614-battery-capacity-longevity-and-manufacturer-reserves/ In it @WARPed1701D mentions Battery University (batteryuniversity.com) as a good resource.
  10. Howdy, This is one of those things that is hideously complex. Much more complex than can be explained with a simple percentage charge. It has to do with how much current the battery can deliver uphill and how much current it can absorb downhill. Regenerative braking generates a lot of current. Someone that really knows more about batteries that I do will need to fill in the details.
  11. Howdy, From reading other threads it looks like going downhill with a fully charged battery is almost as dangerous as going uphill with a partially charged battery. The regenerative breaking from going downhill will attempt to overcharge the battery, and then the wheel will shut down. Preventing downhill cutouts is one of the benefits of the 80% charge guideline.
  12. Code In Space

    My MSuper Firmware Re-flashed And Tested

    What is the difference between the modes? Can you actually tell the difference when riding?