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  1. Edgar Pons Forn


    Hello guys, I requested the Unlocked App to IPS and they have send me I give you here attached directly with the 30km/h unlocked. Please take care! ips_1109_unlocked.apk
  2. Edgar Pons Forn


    I can't connect the Monocycle with the Official App. Any solution? How do you control and see the speed of your IPS Zero?
  3. Hello guys, This is my first post here I want to ask you about this unicycle that i found on Focalprice, obiously is chinese and doesn't work like IPS or Airweel models, but only costs 332$ and have 264Wh battery. Your opinions about? http://www.focalprice.com/HL1864B/TG_F3_Mini_One_Wheel_Scooter_Electric_Self_Balancing_Bike_Motor_Unicycle.html Thank you very much!!
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