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  1. You can already buy it on aliexpress for € 1.639,94 / $1,960.00: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Electric-unicycle-for-9BOT-Z10-power-1800W-45KM-H/32865091318.html
  2. Same as mine on android, always 100% battery level . I've tryied different versions of rockwheel app and WheelLog app, but still no good. Ofc you can just use voltmeter as approx. battery indicator, but still annoying.
  3. Me too, used KPa's instead of Bar's Hard to tell, I have no complains about grip so far. One thing I noticed right now is that the tire has the wrong direction, it probably does not really matter, but still
  4. I'm using 3.0 KPa. I tried different pressures from 2.5 to 4 KPa: 2.5 KPa - very comfortable, especially off-road, it's harder to turn, and you start hitting the rim on the big curbs or when you jump 3.0 - optimal for my weight (85kg + 5kg equip + 17kg wheel) 3.5 - less comfortable, a bit wobbly on cracks and between cobble stones etc, very easy to turn and you can jump even from 30 cm sidewalks 4.0 - my knees start to hurt after long trips, very wobbly, you can easily make a 180 degree turn on the spot. My tire is different from yours, and its recommended max pressure is 3.1 KPa:
  5. There is some kind of low battery warning on my GT16 857Wh 80V. I am not sure how it works exactly, but when battery is getting low, you can ride only at very low speed, otherwise the wheel starts to tilt back, beep and flash with the built-in battery indicators.
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