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  1. I set my V10 with DarknessBot to 45 km/h Result: Inmotion app says 45 km/h DarknessBot says: 42 km/h The wheel starts to tilt back at 33 and the loud beeping occurs at 35 km/h Can't seem to get the max speed back to regular 40 anymore. Before using DNB the tilt was at 39 and the beep at 42. The only other thing I changed was the driving mode: From comfort to classic. It might be a bug in the Inmotion firmware or software. But it is hard to reach Inmotion to ask them. Advice?
  2. Yes, I read about that and will try. Thanks. Got message that Inmotion is on it.
  3. Yes, I've been spamming Inmotion about it for the last few weeks. All my messages seem to disappear into a black hole. I think it is a quite serious bug.
  4. Who has a V10 and an iPhone? The Android app shows the speed correctly, the iPhone app shows the speed correctly for the V5. Just for the V10 my iphone does not show the speed. It stays at 0.0 in both modes (horizontal/vertical) I updated the app about a month ago. Before the update ("bug fixed" it said) it worked fine. All the other measurements function. Am I the only one with this problem? I could not find any report of it anywhere, neither in this forum, hence this post.
  5. Zie advertentie op Marktplaats. See ad It is advertised as € 925, including the charger (€ 110), price is negotiable for forum members. Mind shipping costs if transported internationally. I prefer to sell in Netherlands or Belgium, anyway in Europe.
  6. I came to exactly the same conclusions as you, although I disagree about the lack of steering installation. I am in contact with Segway (I recently purchased a Ninebot as a spare wheel, which now became my main wheel), but I have little hope that they will take action. I told them I am prepared to put time and effort in legalisation and to go to Wageningen with the wheel in an attempt to have it approved. Aanvraag keuring Any suggestions, if you can read Dutch, are very welcome.
  7. Yes, I always do that. Until I was stopped by a traffic police officer that greeted me with the words: "I will confiscate that thing" and I could see that this guy was totally adamant. No way I could start a friendly discussion. As I was reluctant to give him the wheel, I ended up at the police station and stayed there for a couple of hours. So it goes well until it doesn't. The nice contact I always had with the police took me actually off-guard. In short: Diplomacy works until you meet "this bastard cop". And those unfortunately exist. Of course not only cops. There are also stories of bicyclist that tried to push off people from the monowheel.
  8. Already at least two drivers (including me) have their wheels confiscated and are awaiting a fine and the destruction of the wheel. The charge: Driving a motorised vehicle uninsured and without licence plate.
  9. Amsterdam is the exception. Amsterdam is open and tolerant, and this is the reputation of the Netherlands worldwide, but it is wrong. The rest of the Netherlands is quite intolerant and conservative.
  10. I was cruising at a leisure speed of about 18 km/h and an officer on a motorcycle stopped me and greeted me with the sentence: "I will confiscate that thing". After 3 years of riding (making around 5000 km) without any problems (sometimes the police stopped me and we had a nice and open conversation) I had the bad luck to run into this adamant guy. I can expect a fine of € 240 and destruction of the wheel. Spend also 2 hours locked up in the police office. Germany has the reputation of a police state, but Netherlands is the real thing.
  11. I heard that Denmark now has legislation for the EUC. As my wheel has recently been confiscated by traffic police, I am now very motivated to do everything to get legal status in the Netherlands, a country infamous for its painfully slow bureaucracy. I can use all the help and information I can get.
  12. Thanks! That did the trick. I must add that it only works when the wheel is touching the floor and upright and, indeed, the button in the handle pressed. What it exactly does stays unclear.
  13. Found it. But you have to be logged in as the current owner. On the app go to the tab "me" (bottom right) and then tick the settings wheel (top right). Choose "Owner verification". You should see a serial number and the text "THE SCV HAS BEEN VERIFIED". Now trash the serial number by ticking the garbage can icon. Go back to settings Tick "Clear cache" (not sure if that is necessary) Log Out Close the app (again not sure if that is necessary, but I needed to do that to be able to connect with bluetooth) Open the app Log in with your own account. Go again to "Owner verification" Now you should be able to bind by entering the serial number (or scanning the QR code)
  14. Indeed the iPhone 5 is not mentioned in the list of compatible devices, just the iPhone 5s
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