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  1. Sorry to hear that. My experience was just the opposite. I learned on a KS18, then sold it since I thought at my age I should switch to something more suitable. But I got hooked and will be me a new one soon. I sometimes dreamt of flying and considered hang gliding. Riding a EUC is as close as it can get.
  2. no problems with sand and salt? I have a beach like that 5 mins from here but not sure about sand and salt
  3. Thanks for all your opinions in this thread. I sold my EUC last year because of perceived risks and hip problems. I am 68. The more I read here, and the hip is much better, the more I tend to get me a EUC again. I just can`t forget it, and more and more I think the fun is worth the risk.
  4. I was just wondering how all those promotional videos from South-east Asia fit in here, which you can see all over the Internet. Dozens if not hundreds of people in t-shirts and hot pants and so on happily riding along. I have not been in South East Asia for years but from watching those videos I get the impression EUCs are everywhere and helmets and safety gear are totally unknown.
  5. Good news for electric unicycles comes from Germany: Micromobility has enormous future potential, believes Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. Like bicycles, e-scooters should only be treated with special regulations. They can be used on cycle paths; if they are missing, they can also be used on the road. The scooters need an insurance sticker. A helmet does not have to be used, nor does a driving licence. At the same time, the Minister wants to introduce an exemption regulation for equipment without a handlebar. For example, self-propelled skateboards, called hoverboards, will be allowed to be used on public roads in the first half of 2019.
  6. Wie ich vor längerer Zeit mal hier geschrieben hatte, bin ich einfach zum örtlichen HUK-Büro gegangen und habe gesagt, ich brauch hier ne Versicherung für ein elektrisches Einrad. Frage: Ist das sowas wie Segway? Antwort, Im Prinzip ja. Seriennummer eintragen, 49 Euro gelöhnt, Versicherung gebongt. Ist sogar dann auf den Käufer meines Wheels übergegangen, aus ich aus Deutschland weggezogen bin.
  7. Thanks, sounds interesting. Would that be similar to turning on a snowboard? Years ago I taught beginners snowboarding and used to tell them, don`t move any parts of your body, the snowboard will turn to where you look. Meaning if you look to the left just turning your head a little to the left will make the snowboard turn as well. It did not come to my mind yet that would work on a EUC as well.
  8. Hi guys, maybe some clarification. Yes I moved from Germany to Tasmania. Health reason why I gave up EUC is hip arthrosis which is getting better, but if I would fall on the hip it would mean very very bad pain and possible more damage. OTOH I feel like I need to ride a wheel, sort of can't forget about it. The KS 18 was perfect, but I never mastered very tight radius turn like on a bike path 90 degree turn. Where I live now is EUC's paradise, bike paths everywhere, wide roads in town. Considering that KS18 would be ok. I will take my time for a decision. Thanks for your opinions and information.
  9. Thanks for the information. I can wait for the 16XS. Still not sure if I might better get an electric skateboard. I can't afford a fall - but EUC is much more fun.
  10. Thanks Fat ... neighbour actually - I relocated to Tassie ;-) Yes the torque, that was what I was a bit worried about. So you say more torque because of smaller diameter even though the motor has much less power. interesting.
  11. Hi, I had a KS18 for about one year and was very happy with it. Then I sold it for health reasons. While those reasons are still there I feel I have to get a EUC again. I can't stop thinking about riding, and whereever I go I just see perfect routes to ride with a EUC. EUC depriviation. I have 90 kilograms and the KS18 worked very well for me. I am considering buying a KS16, however, they are much less powerful than the KS18, and I am a bit worried that I might feel uncomfortable and will have the feeling that I miss the power. On the other hand the KS16 might be more maneuverable, which I would appreciate. Any opinions? Thanks Dan the Man
  12. I should also add (for those in Germany) that it has an insurance number plate which could probably be transferred to the name of the buyer. Das Wheel hat ein Versicherungskennzeichen, das wahrscheinlich auf den Namen des Käufers umgeschrieben werden könnte.
  13. Ich hoffe es ist ok, wenn ich hier einen Hinweis auf mein Verkaufsposting reinsetze, weil dieses sich ja hauptsächlich an Leute in Deutschland wendet:
  14. I am considering selling my KS 18 due to hip pain due to my old age. I bought it about one year ago and have less than 500 km, due to my above problems. I am in Germany. Anybody interested?
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