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  1. So I let it a couple of days to dry with the side covers open. Assembled it today and took it for a spin. Rides better than new, pretty smooth without all that dirt that used to be on and in it. Heh and I was afraid of taking it out in a rain. Thanks everybody for the hints!
  2. Okay, figured it out. Turns out there are two strips of double-sided tape on each side, so brutal prying apart is a required procedure. Pffff. There was much less water than I was afraid there would be. I gave it a blow of canned air and will leave it to dry for a day or two.
  3. Well something is not the same about my wheel. I undo the top two screws but I cannot remove the side plate. Tried both sides.
  4. Oh, nice to have a reference video. Thanks!
  5. It's now pretty clean! It was under the water for a second or two, but it pretty boldly went where no wheel should go. It works just fine. It was not too far away from home but I rode around a few km slowly to see how it would behave. Everything seems to be in check. I guess the shell is like a bell volume, and the water simply didn't have the time to crawl deep inside. I'm not sure what to do. Just wait, or disassemble? I'm not keen on disassembling it really.
  6. One thing MCM4 is not: light
  7. I have a MCM4 HS 680Wh. I'm not very experienced, it's my first wheel and I use it for only about a month. It's for leisure in the park or out of the town, some muddy grass, roots, rubble, mild offroad. During this period, I charged it 3 times in total. If you have questions about my wheel, I'll try to answer.
  8. First wheel? It took me 1 week to just learn to go in a wavy line, 1 week more to learn to command my own direction.
  9. Okay I thought my wheel is relatively recent, but I guess it's not recent enough.
  10. The only problem with Speedyfeet videos is that there are too many of them. I think I remember seeing something about this before having bought the wheel, but finding it now doesn't seem possible. Anyway, I think the procedure is established and that's fine. The only thing that I don't agree upon is that "I'm doing it wrong". It's entirely a manufacturer's responsibility to make such essential things foolproof.
  11. I see, that's enlightening. Thanks everybody for such detailed replies! BTW, did anyone try to reverse engineer the charging circuits? Or would it be too damaging for Gotway's reputation to have them published? In this case, I interpret my situation as such: Sparks + Green Led when charger is off equals No Protection Diode (¿¿wtf Gotway??). Therefore, first charger to the wall, next three-prong to the wheel.
  12. Interesting. The manual that I was able to find says this, verbatim:
  13. The manual makes a point about a specific order of connections when charging a wheel. I have MCM4 HS but I suppose most Gotways should be nearly the same in this regard. The order is: To charge: * Connect the three-prong connector to the wheel * Plug the charger to the wall socket After having finished charging: * Disconnect the three prong from the wheel * Unplug the charger from the wall socket Is this the ritual other Gotway shamans observe? I ask because even though I'm ready to accept this nonsense for the sake of preservation of an expensive p
  14. It was a day of nonstop drizzle today. I also simply duct taped the ports and went out riding. That seems to be the way to do it then.
  15. If the place where I live had a local language, we would have had about 40 different words for different kinds of rain. The ports (charging and usb) have covers, and even though mine are not really holding too well and slip off easily, that's a relatively simple fix. However I'm really worried about the power button. It does not look to be particularly weather-proof. So what's a typical experience about riding with the elements? A light drizzle? Light to medium showers? Raining dogs? The manual only mentions puddles specifically: they should be not thicker than 5cm.
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