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  1. andrewnyer

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    @Marty Backe which helmet are you wearing in your video please ? Looks cool
  2. andrewnyer

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    hey which helmet is that?
  3. andrewnyer

    My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Was it able to go up that hill that the 14C wasn’t able to?
  4. andrewnyer

    Starter wheel for female in NYC

    The difference is on the V8 there is a dedicated handle separate from the trolley handle . The 14D the handle is also the Trolley handle so it’s doing double duty . Reading everyone’s response above I think the inmotion v5f is actually a great idea as it also has a anti spin button on the handle . This is actually a big deal for us NYers as you will he picking the wheel up and off the ground and once you do without that button the wheel will spin out once it looses contact with the ground . You could turn it on and off every time but that becomes tiresome .
  5. andrewnyer

    Starter wheel for female in NYC

    Hey I live in manhattan as well . I’d reccomend the Glide 3 /inmotion V8 . The slightly bigger tire will come in handy on the bumpy nyc streets . Also I like the carrying aspect of this wheel over the 14D . The V8 has a great trolley handle with a handy anti spin button.
  6. andrewnyer

    Tire slime or tube slime for inmotion v5F+?

    @Marty Backe hey could you post link for the valve removal tool you used in your video please
  7. andrewnyer

    Good 16" EUC to bring on train/bus?

    Hey I live in Manhattan and I use the InMotionV8 and bring it on the train/bus I find the light weight and trolley handle useful, it’s also quite nimble at navigating around people on the sidewalk.
  8. Have you ever gone to the once a year Bromton race in the UK? My buddy went and said it’s a blast.
  9. I ran into @Pagsy on the west side highway bike path on his inmotion V8 and I distinctly remember that I was very impressed with how easy he made riding look. Its not often I see other riders in NYC!
  10. I think Jason sent him that wheel ! It was a while back.
  11. andrewnyer

    Steep Learning Curve

    you should be using the triangle method for mounting the wheel
  12. andrewnyer

    Steep Learning Curve

    I just learned how to ride a month ago and I was where you were. Do you have an area that has a large lawn ? I found I wasn’t as scared to get up to speed on a softer surface because I had less fear of messing up my wheel and myself . And once I transitioned to concrete it was even easier . Secondly, do you have someone to run next to you so you can hold on to them ? Like a bike , It’s easier to balance once you gain a certain speed. Third , I really encourage reading through the dynamics in learning thread , in it you will see a lot of other useful tips and stories that will make the journey a bit easier .
  13. @Marty Backe posted a great video about this last week. I have most everything he discussed , I recommend making your helmet purchase in person rather than buying it online so you can try on a bunch and see what fits best. One thing I would add is to wear some padding on your shins and ankles , as these take a serious beating your first few weeks. I saw someone post that they wrap the padding people pad the wheel with around the ankle itself and I tried it and I think that’s a clever idea.
  14. As someone who just went thru this process I would opt on the v5f+ as I think you will very quickly outgrow the S1 , i think you should Pre order the V5 and just pad it up when you get it .
  15. andrewnyer

    Dangerous moutain riding - EUC limits ??

    Is the tire on the 14c wider than the ACM?