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  1. I second the rec for the Inmotion v5f . That's a inexpensive wheel that is light and , comfortable, easy to learn on, reliable. @Pagsy used to use his everyday to commute for work
  2. From what I hear you cant update the wheel with the IPhone only the Android at this point .
  3. how many miles does it have on it? Do you have photos?
  4. I own a 10F and I rode the 18L at the meet up in nyc this weekend that @houseofjob set up. In my opinion the two wheels ride very similarly , the auto cut off feature of the 18L is not 100 percent smooth , a few times when we lifted it up it didn't work correctly. I feel like KingSong needs to work on that. There are two videos of us riding both wheels that you can check out
  5. Where is that from ? Link?
  6. @Jeffrey Scott Will when will the new App Drop ?
  7. Bob told me covers for v10f will be available late may /June thanks for the photo of the valve
  8. @UniVehje can you take a pic of the tire valve?
  9. When does the new inmotion app go live @Bobwheel ?
  10. @Marty Backe that beach ride was with the wheel that broke or is that a new wheel that they sent you?
  11. @Marty Backe which helmet are you wearing in your video please ? Looks cool
  12. Was it able to go up that hill that the 14C wasn’t able to?
  13. The difference is on the V8 there is a dedicated handle separate from the trolley handle . The 14D the handle is also the Trolley handle so it’s doing double duty . Reading everyone’s response above I think the inmotion v5f is actually a great idea as it also has a anti spin button on the handle . This is actually a big deal for us NYers as you will he picking the wheel up and off the ground and once you do without that button the wheel will spin out once it looses contact with the ground . You could turn it on and off every time but that becomes tiresome .
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