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  1. Fuzzypixel

    Demonstrating How To Slime A Wheel

    Thanks for the video Marty. So do you ride it right away? How long does it take for the slime to dry out after being evenly distributed so it doesn't pool in one part of the tube? I'm afraid to get the wheel out of balance if it somehow dries out in a pool in one place.
  2. Fuzzypixel

    v8 reset ?

    On the picture it looks tilted back, not forward (the battery indicator is facing up).
  3. Fuzzypixel

    braking performance on big EUCs

    I'm still trying to get used to braking on my V8. It doesn't feel as good as on my ninebot s1, because the pedals are so stiff you can't "lean into" it when braking. It feels like you are trying to lean back while standing on the floor. On S2 the pedals back ends dip when breaking, allowing better weight distribution for breaking as I can lean back easier.
  4. Fuzzypixel

    V5F+ or V8. Help me decide.

    Here are some DIY ideas for a ghetto wheel protection, worked great for me! https://app.upthere.com/loop/1adce16e3c94de673780c50776467393e489a3ab24b03daf7e29ad01e28093c5
  5. Fuzzypixel

    V5F+ or V8. Help me decide.

    Ninebot S1 has this as well. Whole handle is a switch essentially.
  6. Fuzzypixel

    My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    > Gotway, the balls are in your court, but do you have the balls? fixed!
  7. Fuzzypixel

    Segway S1 on sale $479 Amazon Worth It?

    Dang, I better sell my S1 quick, before Ninebot starts paying people to get the S1s!
  8. Fuzzypixel

    new to v8 with few questions

    I got used to the solid extrusions at the top after a few days. What helped was placing my feet a bit more forward, to align the ankle with the middle of the pedal. As for the tiltback, try setting the speed limit in the app to 10 mph and see if you experience the tiltback. It felt much more subtle than with my ninebot to me.
  9. Fuzzypixel

    Self Defence Options when EUC Riding

    A truly advanced martial artist doesn't have to defend himself as they give out an aura of confidence why says "don't mess with me" to any would be robber.
  10. Fuzzypixel

    The Photo Thread

    The beginning of a beautiful relationship.
  11. Fuzzypixel

    Is Ninebot S1 to V5F enough of an upgrade?

    First impression: wow, this thing is yuuge! Second impression: wow, it's way lighter than I expected.
  12. Fuzzypixel

    Is Ninebot S1 to V5F enough of an upgrade?

    Don't worry, it probably won't be long before my formerly gleaming V8 will be all scratched and chipped up, if my S1 is any indication..
  13. Fuzzypixel

    Is Ninebot S1 to V5F enough of an upgrade?

    Thanks for the advice folks! Alleged to be arriving tomorrow unless Fedex does the Fedex thing and messes it up. Now thinking of how to protect it from dust and small scratches without uglyfying it too much. Thinking 3M automotive transparent film should do it.
  14. Fuzzypixel

    Is Ninebot S1 to V5F enough of an upgrade?

    Ok, after much consideration ordered V8 from @Jason McNeil. Now I just need to practice: "Honey, I needed a faster wheel to be safer." "I didn't buy it for me, I bought it for you. So that you don't worry"