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  1. So for how long did you have to rub the cat on it?
  2. Ok, If wheel speed is >> gps => it's a spin If wheel speed is << gps => wheel is transported If wheel speed is ~ gps => real data Of course there's always false positives for every rule but it will probably work for the majority of cases.
  3. One other thing I've noticed is that when I turn the wheel on while I'm still on the train that's approaching the station as I'm getting ready to get off, I get a nice 35-50mph max speed record on my trip. Might want to consider not recording the speed based on how if the wheel speed shows 0?
  4. On the website the tour distance is shown in km even though I set preferences (on the website settings) for miles..
  5. I got this stretchy band for my pebble and it works great, I wear it over the flexmeter when riding and then wear the watch on my wrist the rest of the day, just takes a few seconds to adjust https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RB6JZWV?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  6. Put some soap on it and push the proboscis with a clip. Worked for me.
  7. The new back gestures in Android 10 interfere with the (super undiscoverable) way the preferences panel is pulled out.
  8. Interesting. Was that issue only with XL? It works great with my 3 XL and Pebble metal.
  9. First "mod", wrapping pedals in 3M film to protect from scratches.
  10. The kit and the video look good. I just bought a V10F and immediately disliked the flimsiness of the handle and was considering ways to address it, thinking along the same way you guys did. Would you consider selling a cheaper kit without the tools? I've got plenty of my own.
  11. Well I just received my V10F to replace my ageing V8, will update with impressions. Although at this moment anything beyond "hey this wheel doesn't dump me randomly" would be an improvement.
  12. Well, looks like I have no choice but upgrade now (I've been waiting to see if inmotion offers an upgraded V8), as today the wheel dropped me the second time. Almost exactly the same conditions, same road even, it just dumped me at 16mph (WheelLog was just announcing speed when it happened). The wheel bounced and spun while laying on it's side. As last time there were no warning beeps or anything, I just felt that it stopped supporting me and flew forward. At least I was smart(er) and wore decent protection (wrist protectors and mesh motorcycle jacket, both took some beating as I fell the way I was taught on roller blades, wrists, elbows knees). Sadly no knee protection so some scratches there (and torn jeans). 2019_07_11_17_07_01.csv
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