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  1. Looking to get a learning wheel for a 7yo. Ideally mten3, but anything on a smaller lightish side would work. Thanks!
  2. Euc world does support it at least for pebble watch, press and hold middle button will sound horn.
  3. Perhaps this could be a property in the AVAS "pack" definition, set by the pack creator instead of each user.
  4. The Avas sounds don't turn off on my w10f when I turn off the wheel, is that expected @Seba? I always have to into the settings menu and turn avas sound off.
  5. Very fun feature, @Seba! Neighbourhood kids were very impressed If I may suggest an improvement for chosing the Avas theme, which currently requires a lot of scrolling and picking: make theme file names to conform to a name pattern so that users could just select a folder (or better yet a zip file) and you'd pick the files automatically based on matching a pattern. (Say blah_on, _off, _idle, _speed.wav). It's make it easier to try and switch themes.
  6. If at all possible it'd be good if it could be closed from the notification (I think you can have actions on the notification). Otherwise I have to open the app first in order to close it which is odd (normally for me the app is not in the foreground when I'm riding).
  7. Ok thanks for the explanation. You are right, swiping twice from the edge works, I see press back again to exit message but it's really painful to do since first couple of swipes are inevitably interpreted as switching tabs.
  8. I use gestures on Android 10 (inQQ1A.200205.002 is the build case it matters). Slow swipe up to minimize the app to the card then swipe the card up again to close the app. Again, exactly the same way I did before because I don't like the app running when I'm not using the wheel. Folks, I know how to use Android, being a developer and all, in case it's the implication.
  9. Yes I'm positive I close it and not send to background. It used to work fine in earlier releses, but now the notification hangs there unless the app is force stopped. As to whether it's worse than Twitter, that's 9% in 30 mins in foreground, Twitter takes next to zero in background.
  10. The new version 1.0.9 doesn't quit when I close the app and hogs battery unless I force quit it. Device is Pixel3XL
  11. So for how long did you have to rub the cat on it?
  12. Ok, If wheel speed is >> gps => it's a spin If wheel speed is << gps => wheel is transported If wheel speed is ~ gps => real data Of course there's always false positives for every rule but it will probably work for the majority of cases.
  13. One other thing I've noticed is that when I turn the wheel on while I'm still on the train that's approaching the station as I'm getting ready to get off, I get a nice 35-50mph max speed record on my trip. Might want to consider not recording the speed based on how if the wheel speed shows 0?
  14. On the website the tour distance is shown in km even though I set preferences (on the website settings) for miles..
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