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  1. majki

    Changing Q5 to X3 - is it a good idea?

    Vat rather not, actually with lower VAT in Switzerland, you can get it back if you bought it abroad. However, if you bring something worth more than 200 or 300 bucks, you will have to pay tax. I think for now I will keep looking around on local market - maybe something in reasonable price will appear.
  2. majki

    Changing Q5 to X3 - is it a good idea?

    The second hand one seems interesting and I saw already this offer, but I'm not sure what about the shipping. In addition there will be also customs fee, as Switzerland is not a part of EU. I sent also an e-mail to kingsong (as few of swiss members did some time ago and they shipped directly to them). Links - I reviewed all of them (in resellers topic). Some of them are not valid anymore, some sell only airwheel (which is not a case anymore) or ninebot, which as community says - would be too weak for me (500W). Others do not offer a price on the page and for me it seems that they are just middlemen taking some provision and the device would be sent from China anyway.
  3. majki

    Changing Q5 to X3 - is it a good idea?

    Thanks very much for your feedback. One wheel is the only choice for me - now I know that, your confirmation is just another prove for that - thanks! This 800W - it excludes the ninebot one e+ then. Pity, as it's in 400 bucks deal right now, but I also understand (and agree) that it's better to add some more and have what you will be satisfied with rather than spent 400 and be in position of 'ok, what now'. Definitely I don't want the 'semi-solutions'.
  4. majki

    Changing Q5 to X3 - is it a good idea?

    Hm, I thought that it's a bit more expensive, but actually I found one shop selling X8 for 500 bucks. As I read some of the stories and started to dig more and more, I guess there are more reliable companies/models (KS?). Yes, I saw that. It's around 250km from my place to Italy Unieuro nearest shop, but I can have a trip like this. I am concerned if 500W engine is enough (Carlos suggested not to go below 800W). Burning mainboards.. - this i didn't know as well.
  5. majki

    Changing Q5 to X3 - is it a good idea?

    Hi all, Thank you very, very much for your answers and opinions! I really appreciate it. I didn't face the problem with device which switched off suddenly (fortunately!) and now I know that making a '200 bucks great deal' could add some additional cost of replacing broken tooths for example.. So - now I know what I should be looking for. One-wheel device with at least 800W engine power. @Dingfelder - If it will be sent from EU, I have an option to order something to Germany - next to the border there are some places where you can order something to - you pay like 10-15 bucks for a package. So if it would be sent from EU, I can easly order that to Germany. If it's from other region, unfortunately not (customs, taxes, etc.). Which model I should consider then, preferable one which can be bought from a delaer in Germany/Italy? I found just a moment ago on local market (switzerland) a used ninebot one for 300 bucks, however it's not written which version it is and no pictures provided. No King song's, inmedia's, one used gotway for over 800 bucks, and a lot of airwheels. Hm, just read that Ninebot one is 450 or 500W. Would that not be for sure enough for me? Ninebot one does not have stronger options (I'm writing about ninebot, because I could probably find it easier on local market)
  6. majki

    Changing Q5 to X3 - is it a good idea?

    @Keith Hi, Thanks a lot for your answer. If I got it right, all problems which I experience should be indeed solved with single wheel. When it comes about the brand. Well, to be honest I just was to limited in my head probably to consider other brands, but I did a small research and here could be potential reasons: - basically you can't buy Gotway, Inmotion or Kingsong in Switzerland. I found just one Gotway but it looks almost like X3 and the price is 4 times mroe than for X3. - Aliexpress, when it comes to delivering to CH (which is not EU), either doesn't deliver at all or you have to pay a lot for that. - amazon.de - prices are pretty much higher than for airwheels So airwheels are just a lot cheaper and available (next day delivery guaranteed). Question - are brands like Gotway, Inmotion, Kingsong (or maybe others?) produce better 'driving' devices than Airwheel (X3 model in particular)? I mean - more stable/safe/easier to ride? You wrote that electronics is not the safest - do you mean by this that it fails from time to time, or rather that it's just not that good as in other brands (which again has influence on being stable/safe/predictable, etc.)? Because if it's just about the design/batery capacity/charging time/speed/weight - these are not that important to me in current situation. Majki Addition: after some more and mroe reading, I'm confused even more. There is an option for me to order King Song on Aliexpress with delivery to my friend in UE, like this for example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2016-Model-electric-unicycle-KingSong-KS-16-inch-680WH-840WH-LG-Battery-800w-motor-Max-miles/32761252174.html The question is - is it not going to be chinese version of KingSong and is it still worth its price. Airwheel X3 I can buy for around 200 euro (brand new, full warranty etc.)
  7. Hi all, I have a general question - should I change my Q5 to X3? I'm not english speaker, but I hope I will explain my issue well enough. Current situation: I have an Airwheel Q5. I'm satisfied with it, drives great, no issues with the device. My weight is 100kg (220lbs). I have a luck to work currently near the place I live (about 1,5km) and found an airwheel a nice fun way to get to work and back. The problem which I have is the way how sidewalks in my neigbourhood are builded. They are all with an angle to the street, and the angle is not quite small in my opinion. It is of course to let the water goes immediately from sidewalk to the street (I don't know however why it is that steep). Because Q5 has two wheels, it naturally goes to one side when I use it on sidewalk. In result I don't feel pretty comfortable and fully stable when I feel pressure on one leg and I have to adjust position to stand upright. My understanding is that X3 might solve this issue. Analogy I find in the bike - when you drive straight a road which is leaning from right to left, you will feel it if you're driving car (naturally left wheels are lower than right wheels), but if you drive a motorcycle or a bike, obviously it's not an issue. So - my understanding is that X3 will solve my problem. Can someone share his/her thoughts about it? Maybe someone faced such issue or is using a road/sidewalk/way which is leaning (not sure if it's a right word, but I hope you know what i mean)? The second question is important as well - I live also uphill - Q5 has no issue at all with climbing up (I would say angle is never more than 10), but X3 has 350W engine, comparing to 800W in Q5. Would that be a problem for X3 (I'm 100kg/220lbs)? X8 is not an option as it's just too expensive. Unfortunately there is no option to just try X3 - that would answer all my questions actually. Thanks a lot for all your answers and thoughts! Cheers, Majki