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  1. Did this guy have a good idea? olx.com.br/vi/403591005.htm
  2. Not really. I intended to make it easier to change the batteries. I could not imagine the dangers. . So once again thanks everybody for the advice and sorry for the inconvenience. Let's try again!!
  3. My wheel is 350w. @KingSong69 Thanks for the warning. I appreciate it. @litewave Thank you very much. I will 'reshape' my project. I clearly have a lot to learn here.
  4. I'm trying a new way to change the cells of my wheel. I bought these cases for 18650 because I do not have a soldering machine. Remove the cells and raise another possibility, which is charge them separately or for easy health check up. The first test without BMS: it works but low power, does not go up hills. Three of the cells are of poor quality, so maybe that's why. Next tests I intend to connect the BMS in the cases.
  5. You're right, Keith. My unicycle is designed for 16 cells. In the first tests I felt less power than the original battery. I have not tested at high speeds yet, mainly because the battery is too heavy on the side and disrupts the balance - and also because I need personal protection equipment... I'll fix it in the center of the wheel and try again. My unicycle certainly does not have good electronics, for the low price I paid for it, so I'll run slowly for now.
  6. The battery of my unicycle died, so I decided to test it. It worked perfectly with Xiaomi's ninebot mini battery. I'll test the range on the weekend.
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