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  1. No bad experiences for me, so far. However, I don't think I could avoid reacting if someone became physical (even with water).
  2. Hey I live in that area so I'd be up for a ride. There's a somewhat active group on FB you may want to join. Electric Wheelers of Georgia.
  3. Just requested to join - thanks for the tip.
  4. pattymac

    Ninebot Z10

    That trolley handle isn't what I expected!
  5. I'm in Atlanta and interested. This thread is pretty old but I realize there are not many riders in Atlanta. I've seen maybe 5 in my 2 years of riding.
  6. Hi Katie, I have a Ninebot One E+ if you're interested. I live in Atlanta.
  7. Here in Georgia (the state) we also have an EPAMD law, which I rely on to let me ride my EUC on bike paths and multi-use paths, like the Beltline in Atlanta. In fact I commute to work on my EUC on the Beltline. I've passed many police officers on bicycles and have never been stopped - just curious looks. Pedestrians have on a few occasions told me that no motorized vehicles are allowed. When I've had the opportunity or time I tell them it's an EPAMD and is perfectly legal. Now in Atlanta we have rental scooters (like Bird), and I see those pretty frequently riding where they aren't supposed to. Hopefully the lawmakers and or police will see these new transportation methods as benefits and not outlaw them. At least in my case it's keeping a car off the road on most days.
  8. Same here. MiniPro, followed within 2 months by Ninebot One, followed 6 months later by MSuper, then Tesla. My wife inherited the MiniPro, which she outgrew and now has a MiniPlus. It's a disease.
  9. The Tesla has an integrated trolley handle. I think you'll get used to a 16" very quickly.
  10. I ride the Marta train in Atlanta most days on my commute. No issues except once a police officer asked me to not ride in the station. No problem with that.
  11. Just picked up a new MiniPlus for my wife. She's been riding a MiniPro for the last year plus and wanted a bit more speed. I got this unit from Fry's for < $700, which seems like a decent deal. Just put 1km on it tonight in order to unlock the speed restriction.
  12. OP - I have the same wheel, purchased around the same time (from eWheels) and it works great - no wobble issues. If I were you I would look around for a good used wheel and have a backup. This gives you the flexibility to repair or upgrade and still ride. With all the new wheels coming out I think you'll find some used bargains.
  13. I ride the Beltline in Atlanta most days on my commute. I've had a few occasions where cyclists or runners are rude but nothing violent. I usually ignore them. If someone happens to tell me that I'm not supposed to be riding that 'thing' on the path, then I take time to educate them if possible. Fortunately most people are very polite and treat me with the same respect I treat them. Hopefully that continues.
  14. Henrik, enjoyed your video! What is the noise level like? Do you have any motor whine like the Gotway MSuper v3 820?
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