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  1. matt

    IPS ZERO Review

    Problem solved! Thank you for your numerous comments and hints, but I managed to figure it out myself. It was due to too little mass. Being turned on with just part of the original casing and with the new battery standing on the floor, so not adding mass, the levelling system could not work normally. After mounting a heavy object on one of the pedals for a trial, everything returned to normal. I just need to make my own casing now.
  2. matt

    IPS ZERO Review

    It's been a while. I ended up buying 64 SAMSUNG INR18650-35E (3500mAh, 8A according to specs) and had them spot welded for me. They don't fit the original casing, but I wasn't going to use it anyway. I measured the pack and it was about 63 V. And here comes the bad thing. After reconnecting the pack the Zero started to jiggle like crazy and make a loud noise, like when grinding ice cubes in a meat grinder or something. When I lifted it, it turned off, the usual way, I guess. I really regret buying the Zero. I had it second hand, almost unused, and the original 32-cell pack got broken very quickly. I measured individual cells after disassembling it. If I remember correctly about 10 of them were about 0 V, and most of the rest about 4 V. Any ideas?
  3. matt

    IPS ZERO Review

    The old cells are long gone, totally not usable. I know I'm not limited to the 18650s, but they're the cheapest for given capacity. I'll do some reading now.
  4. matt

    IPS ZERO Review

    Thanks, I'll dig into it. So, I'm guessing, for the BMS and the rest of the EUC it's better to have a smaller number of higher capacity cells rather then vice versa, despite the worse price/capacity ratio?
  5. matt

    IPS ZERO Review

    If it's about space, that would be no issue. I was thinking about changing my Zero dimensionally and, I would say, mechanically (more ergonomically spaced and shaped pedals among other things). I was thinking of getting rid of the original casing completely. The original cells are supposed to be Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh - 10A. I know about the danger involved with high capacity cells, obviously. I was hoping that maybe "cloning" the dead pack and adding a second and possibly even a third one would be relatively easy. You know, just "copy and paste" I also thought I would learn new things in the process, there's no rush, you know, a spare time thing. I thought having cells from one batch was all one would need. The perfect matching sounds like a deal breaker.
  6. matt

    IPS ZERO Review

    I meant could it be done in IPS Zero, like the author did in his, but, as I said, on multiple basis. That was obvious to me since the thread started as IPS Zero review. (I've had one with a dead battery for quite some time.) And you're right about the lack of knowledge btw . I just wanted some basic information for the beginning, to asses if my Zero has any potential for me, if it's worth to even think about that.
  7. matt

    IPS ZERO Review

    Well, my first thought was not to mess an informative thread... But I don't understand the need of making a new one because of age. It's about expending information from the first post here (at least the edited version of it).
  8. matt

    IPS ZERO Review

    Hello, I wondering, if one can use 2 x 32 cells, is it possible to use any multiple of the 32-cell battery, say 3 x 32 cells?
  9. Hello again, I've not been able to deal with my "ride" recently, but I want to get back to the problem soon. I've just noticed solder tags options on the batteries from Slaughthammer's link. The question is: Do the mentioned problems with soldering apply to batteries with the tags too or just to regular ones?
  10. Could a wire be attached to a cell by mechanical force, for instance by a plastic clamp, by any chance?
  11. Hmmm... Starting to look less bright. I was wondering why not use soldering...
  12. Actually there was such a guy next door to the TV guy, but i think he's moved away. Anyway, it's a big city, I could find another one.
  13. There's a guy repairing TVs nearby, but he won't touch it. A would prefer to avoid sending it to a specialist, to avoid costs. My father is going to try to identify the faulty cells to replace them.
  14. Thanks for the link. The lowest voltage measured the way was 0,9, but, being green, I'm not sure if this was done correctly.
  15. So the batteries were charged to about 55V through the yellow connector, but after that the normal route charging was still not possible. Now someone with basic electric knowledge is trying to locate the malfunctioning ones. Can you tell me what their specs are and point a good place to buy them (when ordering from Europe)? By the way, when posting here I also sent a message to IPS with the link to the thread. No answer.
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