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  1. Hello, I´m posting here a picture of my TG-F3 with a key switch control mechanism. This basically interrupts the energy to the ON/OFF button. It is a good option if you use your EUC at school or in your job, because nobody will be able to turn it on without the key. The good news, at least with the key switch I´ve used, is that when you turn it on you can also remove the key from the switch and put it back into your pocket. I also bought a metal cover for the charging port that I consider much better than the original one.
  2. Hello, I live in a cold city in Canada, and I know that in the winter I will not be able to use my EUC. That way, I´m planning to store it for the whole winter and restart using it in the next year. My only concern about this is what to do in terms of battery charge before stop using the EUC for a long time. Should I store it full charged? 80% charged? 50% charged? none of these? Could you guys give me some advice?
  3. Hello guys, I have a TG-F3 unicycle and things were going really well. However, a couple of days ago, when I was going uphill though a bridge, I felt a scary unballance and I almost got a faceplant. Luckyly I was able to recover the ballance on time and continue my way. Since this day I´ve been thinking about options to reduce the risk of a BMS cut without getting the shunting risks. First idea was if there is any replacement battery available to be purchased on the internet that doesn´t have the BMS. This could fix every generic model (and even some old good ones) that has the problematic BMS circuit. Second idea was to connect a generic 110v/220v switch (Picture) to each mosfet, in a way that in one position (ex: 110v) it would connect the 2 mosfet terminals, so it would be shunted, but in the other position (ex: 220v) it would not connect the terminals, so it wouldn't be shunted. That way, when riding the EUC, we would "activate" the shunt, but when the EUC was inactive, we simply would "disable" the shunt. Does that make any sense?
  4. I have the same unicycle and the same question. If anyone could confirm which transistors shoud be shunted it would be great.
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    I think that it's fair enough.
  6. Hello guys, I recently received my TG-F3, and so far I'm enjoying it a lot. Since TG are very cheap EUC's, I think that many people decided to buy them and other will probably do it in the future. For that reason I think it would be a good idea to create a brand-specific forum for Teamgee users, what do you think?
  7. Hi guys, I bought a TG-F3 to start learning, but I haven´t received yet. Meanwhile, I decided to read more about all issues that envolves EUC's and finally found out what the term "shunt" mean. To be honest, based on all that was discussed about this topic, I'm really unsure about what to do. I'm also pretty scarried with the consequences of both situations (accidents x risk of fire). Anyway, I would like to ask you guys some questions about the behaviour of the TG-F3 to have a better understanding about the risks and how to deal with them. Maybe this can help other users in the same situation. As I could understand, most of EUC's suffer from the BMS problem, that cuts the energy to the engine, causing the EUC unballancing and also an accident. My first question is about this problem in TG-F3 that I know that suffers from this issue. I know that this EUC sounds beeps when you try to accelerate beyond the 12Km/h and in some moment it tilts its pedals. If I keep the speed this slow or at least very close to this limit, will I be reducing the risk of engine shutdown due to the BMS trigger? I mean, if I stay slow, will I be safer? I'm buying it to commute low distances and I really don't need to move fast. I also know that the problem happens when you force the engine with sudden accelerations or high hills. If I keep riding it on flat surfaces, that is 90% of the city I live, and keep accelerations smooth and progressive, will I be reducing the risk of engine shutdown due to the BMS trigger? I'm planning to implement a mod using a key switch such as the image attached to this message. I would use it to interrupt the push button that turns the EUC on, so that it would be necessary to have a metal key to turn it on. Do you believe that this can cause any kind of problem in the operation of the device? Thank you very much! Fred
  8. Hi techflyiy, i'm also new on electric unicycles. Recently I bought a TG-F3 from Banggood and I'm still waiting it to be delivered. Are you happy with your unicycle? I hope to learn it in a couple of weeks and use it for arround 6 months until buying a better model.
  9. I was in the same boat as you until yesterday. I have researched a lot on the internet and decided to buy a TG-F3 at Banggood. I also bought a lot of accessories there, like: helm, air pump, extra charger, lights, etc. Maybe in a month or so I can make a review and give you my opinion about it.
  10. Thanks for the tip! I´m also going to research about this model.
  11. Hello Luiz, Thank you very much for your answer. I visited the wheelgo website, but the wheels in there are actually out of my budget for now. Provided that I´m able to learn how to ride this first wheel, my next step will be to get a better one. But now I´m really unsure about buying or not the TG-T3 due to the reasons I´ve written previously on this post, hehehe.
  12. Hello forum members, My name is Fred, I'm from Brazil but I'm currently living in Canada. I've always been a big fan of EUC´s since the invention of Solowheel. Once this wheel was always toooooooo expensive I've never considered purchasing ir, but in 2013, IPS launched their first wheels, for 1/3 the price of Solowheel, and then I decided to buy a IPS101. It was a huge effort trying to learn how to use that new device, but after some time I was finally able to ride it with an average ballance. The problem is that my country is still not prepared to see these kind of devices in the streets due to security issues (ex: risk of being attacked while riding it outside) and for this reason I've given up using it. But now I´m in Canada! Here is pretty safe and flat and then I decided to buy a new wheel to start from the beggining (since my IPS stayed in Brazil). I've been researching about this subject for the last 15 days to figure out what would be the best EUC to learn from scratch again. I´m thinking about purchasing TG-T3, that is being offered for $299 (+$30 shipping) at Banggood. This seems to be a strong and cheap model to start. On the other hand I know that this model has a weak engine and low power battery. Here are my questions to the specialists: 1) Dou you believe that TG-T3 really a good EUC to start with? 2) Do you know if Banggood is trustable? 3) Do you believe that the TG-T3 sold on this shop are originals? Or they can be fake copies? 4) What happens if the EUC comes damaged or defective? Thank you very much! Fred
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