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  1. Hello guys! I have a problem with calibration on my MSX i think. If i set an horizontal calibration, the EUC leaves me leaning forward at low speed/acceleration, but if i reach 25kmh aprox, pedals stay horizontal and start to be confortable. When i reach >45kmh, pedals lean too back (no tiltback set). I can not find the way to calibrate it correctly, and avoid this behavior. I tried to recalibrate many times, but if i set calibration a bit backwards, i can only ride confortable at low speeds. I don't know if this is an app problem, or component problem. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  2. I already have tried the last wheelog beta, but max speed still at 50kmh. I like so much the new voice alarms and would be perfect if could be set at 60 or 70 kmh. I'm android user so no darknessbot for me... Thank you!
  3. Hi everybody, I have a MSuper X 100v for a week, and i have a problem with the beeping. I wear a full face helmet, and when i reach last alarm (80% power - 63kmh for me with full chargue), i can't hear the alarm because of the wind. I'm using wheelog, and Pebble watch, but max speed alarm is at 50kmh, and i wanted to get advised when the beep comes out (taking into account speed limitations when battery is low). I've looking maybe for a way to pass the alarm to a connected bluetooth speaker or earphone... or a GPS app for setting speed alarms. Have anyone had this problem before? I apreciate any help.
  4. I hear the third tesla alarm every time i ride it (at around 48kmh). But in a wind day it's quite annoying, you're right... I think the msx weight will solve it.
  5. 65 km / h https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Gotway-Msuper-XS-model-100V-1230WH-19inch-High-performance-electric-unicycle-max-speed-is/32891726850.html?spm=2114. search0104.3.1.63302690ugVPzP & amp; ws_ab_test = searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_3_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10547_10342_10343_10340_10548_10341_10696_10084_10083_10618_10307_10820_10821_10301_10303_10059_100031_524_10103_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620, searchweb201603_12, ppcSwitch_2 & amp; algo_expid = a550f6b9-5d00-436c-9078-029629b14e6e-0 & amp; algo_pvid = a550f6b9-5d00-436c-9078-029629b14e6e & amp; priceBeautifyAB = 0
  6. I came here trying to justify buying the msx. I think it's safer than my Tesla because it has 19 inches of wheel. Now I need to justify waiting for the 100v version. With the 100v I can get out more easily from the irregularities of the terrain haha. The reality is that I want more speed and power
  7. Today I have been riding with gotway msuper v3 that has let me a friend, and it was also very soft. Much more than my tesla. I think that Gotway (and maybe others) are losing firmness with the passage of time. How can I check the capacitors? Thank you so much.
  8. Thanks for the information, I did not know I was losing the configuration when enter Gotway app. I've tried all the ride modes, and they all feel the same or very similar.
  9. When I was riding my tesla the first few times, at a speed of about 45kmh, the tesla dropped me quite forward and then recovered, in half a second, just as you tell it. I recalibrated it and it never happened again. Recently i was having problems too: As i started to accelerate, the euc drove me forward, but this time I did not get straight until I took about 15kmh. When I finished braking, I also leaned forward a lot. I recalibrated it several times, and in the end it stopped doing it. Although it still feels very soft compared to when I bought it. I think it has something to do with the calibration point, but I'm completely ignorant of that. You can try to recalibrate it on diferent ways. Good luck!
  10. Thank you very much for your answer. The 3 ride modes feel different, but softer, especially when starting to accelerate or brake (in "flex" mode it is more difficult to handle). I've been using the official Gotway app, and the wheelog. I had an accident 2 weeks ago, although until now I had no problem. How can I know if one of the capacitors is broken? I put the wheel at 50kmh without knowing it ... Thank you.
  11. Hi everybody, I'm having a problem with my Gotway Tesla: When I start to accelerate, it gets too leaning forward, becoming scary. From a few seconds rolling it stabilize. When I brake, it leans too back, and it destabilizes me a lot. I have tested different calibrations of the wheel. I have also tried different modes and everything remains the same. Can you think what the reason may be? It did not happened before. Thank you very much in advance.
  12. Hello everybody, I was riding my Tesla for 2000 km right now, but when i arrived home today, i noticed a new sound in my unicycle, i never listen before. The sound comes back each 10 seconds aprox. and keep for about 3 seconds, and then stop. After 10 seconds the sound come back again. This sound only happens after using the unicycle. The sound does not happen if the unicycle is cold. I attached a mp3 file with the new sound. I hope you can help me to repair this, i think the fan could be dirty or something. Thank you so much! unicycle-sound.mp3
  13. Hi, So, i opened my EUC as Marty said, to check the screws, and all was ok. When i assembled the EUC , doing another lift test, i could be able to see a vibration in the shell. You can see on the photo: So i had to glue it with a double-sided tape and the sound of the vibration disapeared The beeping and tilt-back desapeared too after full charge. So everything is ok, but there is still a small vibration between 5 and 15 kmh, maybe this is normal. Tesla is freakin' awesome. I love how accelerates and the feeling at high velocity. Really another world comparing with my lhotz. So thank you everybody for helping me. keep riding!
  14. Thank you guys, i will try all of your tips when fully charged and will share with you.
  15. Hello and thanks for the fast reply. The vibration is produced when i lift the euc from the ground too, so i know the vibration is produced inside. My lhotz did this vibration a few times, but so much lower. Maybe this is normal. Or maybe need to ride it a little bit. I don`t know the pressure, but i think it´s ok. I will share it when i can. If alarm problem persists, i will try Marty Backe`s APP. Thank you so much!
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