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  1. Are the OW+ very pricey? Who did you go through to get it? Looks interesting all right!
  2. I've got the Kingsong 14D and really happy with it. I'm pretty flexible with my time so we could always so a run along the water/coast and do an out and back loop?
  3. Hi Marcin, I'm in Mandurah so would be keen on catching up when you are down my way. I have a King Song
  4. Well we had a great ride on Sunday evening along the coast in Mandurah. Was excellent to be able to meet up. Thank you guys for coming down!!
  5. Sorry only just was made aware of your reply. Have sent you a PM with my number so we can have a quick chat about tomorrow. Cheers :-)
  6. Morning would be better. Not so keen to be catching the train back to Mandurah in the evening
  7. Well, I'm certainly up for giving it a go :-) I'll catch the train up from Mandurah. So what day and time and where are we thinking of meeting?
  8. I am, but still not very confident. My work hours are flexible so let me know what suits. :-)
  9. Well I better get practicing then. Have hardly been on mine, so definitely the learner in the group. Sun 7th Jan sounds good. Gives me time! haha
  10. Hi all, I'm down in Mandurah with a KingSong. Will happily come up for a group ride or just a ride really. Still learning but had a good teacher My brother is The Fat Unicyclist in New Zealand. So where (suburb wise) are the Perth EUC riders? Cheers, Janice
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