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  1. Zerloth

    Southern Arizona rides

    Had an awesome time riding with the group this Saturday. Can't wait for the next ride!
  2. Zerloth

    Southern Arizona rides

    lol...ive rode every day around Tucson atleast 2300+ miles sense last March from 22nd and kolb to reid park. Ive ran into like 1 person on a EUC...lol..whers everyone at?
  3. Zerloth

    range test with lights off v8

    I just check the battery on the phone when I got home and it read 52%
  4. Zerloth

    range test with lights off v8

  5. Zerloth

    range test with lights off v8

    I just rode 14.6 miles with the v8 with all its lights off and still had 52% battery life left, flat ground, average speed 13mph. Just a little information for anyone that has ridden that far with lights on if they wanted to compare...
  6. Zerloth

    Hi ninebot fans

    Lol, I'm sorry but I don't think I could let myself be seen pushing a walker with my ninebot..
  7. Zerloth

    Ninebot One E+ No longer Charges

    whats the black connector called at the end of the charging port and battery?