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  1. Today I did a new calibration and rode 2 miles and seamed better. No whobbling this morning. I will keep you posted.
  2. I upgraded and went for a ride. Calibration and all.. Confirm that accelerates better and more smoothly, but huge problem: Violent whobbling if descending at more than 40kmh. Terrible experience. Had to repeat that like 10 times to make sure it wasn't me or something in the way I rode the street down. No dough there's gonna be many riders going down the next week's... OMG!! Scary.. really.. WTF? This wheel seams to want to go under 40kmh .. so much power and there's no way to enjoy it here's a video. Very careful. I do not recommend the upgrade
  3. Portugal, Europe: (over 125 members in a year) Roda Eléctrica PT https://www.facebook.com/groups/uniciclo http://www.rodaelectrica.pt
  4. Thanks. I will try to make a video.
  5. How did you managed to get back to the 1.08?
  6. How did you managed to downgrade? I am interested in doing the same
  7. Yes, it was not normal. I have been riding with confidence for a year with this wheel. It showed 40% battery in wheelog, so I guess it could be a bit lower. I weigh 85kg and it was a flat surface , I just learned for a quick acceleration as usual, but this time it cut like it couldn't keep up with my inclined weight forward. About the update, I have been postponing the upgrade, because I was afraid the ruin a good firwmare. I wish I could go back to the 1.08. Now, with the 1.09 it shakes sometimes to the front and back very quickly. It's just like you see in the KS16X demo's. It's scary. I am so afraid now, that I keep it below 30kmh
  8. A similar fall happened to me last week. I think I was going 30kmh and Leanned forward . It was the first time the wheel turned off, although not intirely , it kept spinning after shut down the equilibrium . It's a 1 year KS16S. Anyway I upgraded the firmware yesterday to the 1.09 and today it shakes sometimes at 20kmh! Making me not relaxing and enjoying the ride.
  9. In Portugal, electric bikes are sold limited to 45kmh. Then you open an App and do the thing no one's talks about. It's been the same for ever with gasoline bikes for teenagers that had to be limited.
  10. I have exactly the same issue. Anyone has a solution? My wheel is a brick now!
  11. Hi, I also am on the fence. I may cancel the V10 (not the F) and order the KS18L. Main reason is the video I saw about the V10 overheating and the guy said he never had a problem with his KS16 on the same hill. So, the 18L sould be even better. Also I never liked the V5 handle. I might stretch a bit my budget (+200€) and get the KS. I never use the app and I just need the power to climb hills. Also the horrible and annoying noise at top speed in the V10 is completely unnecessary, since the tilt back can force the driver to brake.
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