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  1. An update from me on Firmware update. Last year I disabled my beeper (Actually unplugged it from the board) using guidance from this post After reading about the Extreme firmware – I felt I would have to plug the beeper back in or risk over-driving the unit. So instead I opted for Swallowbot (remote upgrade service through More4Mini) and the Hybrid tires/fenders. First, I borrowed an Android from a friend and did the Swallowbot firmware upgrade. They did it over WhatsApp and the whole process took about 20 minutes. BEFORE the upgrade I was getting up to 10 MPH on 100% battery. AFTER the upgrade I was getting max speed 13.3MPH (according to a handheld GPS) with a comfortable cruising speed of 12.5MPH on 100% battery. Minimal pushback. Can’t comment on any change in beeper behavior since I have mine unplugged. Hybrid tires came next. I installed them along with the higher fenders. Took about 90 minutes to install them. Old circumference was 31 inches. New circumference is 35 inches. Basic math says I should see an increase from 13.3 MPH to 15MPH. Actual measurement is max speed 15.5MPH with a comfortable cruising speed of 14.2MPH on 100% battery. So the Extreme firmware + Hybrid tires would be GREAT... just not for me.
  2. Hi @WI_Hedgehog I am going to upgrade my MiniPro and document the entire process... happy to collaborate on the guide. I think I want the "Extreme" firmware version. If you can clue me in on what NOT to do so I don't BRICK my MiniPro - that's great... but his site seems pretty straightforward so I'll see if I can get it going. Wish me luck - even though I'm a Vikings fan! :-)
  3. I think this is an excellent question. I trust my MiniPro (M320) so much that reading this thread makes me re-think where I go. I have 475 miles on my MiniPro and an running firmware 1.4.0. I have never had any issue with my MiniPro. Every time I connect via the app it asks if I want to upgrade and I say NO since I have never had the issue described on this topic. It would be very interesting to know Mileage, Model and Firmware for the units that have seen this issue.
  4. Thank you so much for this. Took me a while as I went very slowly... but it all worked as you indicated. It's now silent. Maybe someday if I find a low profile switch I'll mount one on the fin so I can enable the beeper on-demand.
  5. I just pulled out the miniPro after a long winter's nap and the new app tells me there is a new firmware version available. I currently run 1.4.0. I cannot tell what the new version will be without installing it and I don't want to install it if it's going to further limit my speed, make the warning beep louder or text all my friends when I go over 10MPH. Any thoughts or experience on this newer version? Thanks!
  6. Love the reflector idea. Thanks for the photo! Minnesota law requires it... 169.212 OPERATION OF ELECTRIC PERSONAL ASSISTIVE MOBILITY DEVICES... Subd. 3.Reflectors. An electric personal assistive mobility device may not be operated unless the device bears reflectorized material on the front, back, and wheels, visible at night from 600 feet when illuminated by the lower beams of headlamps of a motor vehicle. ...so i will add this to the wheels. I'll find a place on the front and back.
  7. Hi, New to the forum and thankful it is here. I have ridden PTs on city tours in the past so when I got my MiniPro, I just assumed I'd want/need the handlebars. I'm 50+ and a fall seemed more likely with the knee stick. But after trying both, here are my thoughts. Knee stick: Funner, more like you're 'surfing on air', more compact, self balancing. Handebars: More stable, easier to ride, don't let go or it will get away (video posted above), need the kickstand (which I have). But the big thing I did not anticipate is this... with the handlebars, because the ride is so much more stable I tend to want to go faster and was constantly coming up against the 10MPH limit. When I did city tours with the PT, they also had a speed limit but it seemed faster than the 10MPH. with the Knee controller, 10MPH seems fast... even risky I'm still glad I got the handlebars as I think it's best for ppl who are BRAND NEW to segway and want to try. But I think I'll use the knee controller more.
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