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  1. Hello I have had an issue w my generic since I got it, some1 said it might b the bsm but now it's getting worst and won't even turn on , from the beggining if I went down or if I tryed to go over a bump to big the wheel would cut out and not turn back on till I pluged it back in only for a second tho, last night I went for a ride and I hit a bad plank in the bored walk and the wheel stoped and I continued but landed on my feet, the wheel would not turn on but I had my charger so I found on outlet and pluged it in it would start to turn on and then die out again soon had to carry it to my hotel room, I now am home and have it apart, I'm looking for any loose wires or anything unusual and I don't see anything! Does any1 have any suggestions??
  2. Have u found a buyer? If not I am interested but not for $1000
  3. I have a wheel that I can't take away from the access of an outlet I'm new to this and am still using training wheels and at times still lose it and the machine takes a little jolt , nothing craZy no scratches or anything to speak of from these accidents but my machine turns off and won't turn on until I plug it in just for a moment, this is frustrating be cause I would like to go places where I may not be abil to just run in my house and plug it in also when I have been places where I can't plug it in I have noticed if I wait a long time it will turn on, I have a generic brand , is there maby a reset or something?
  4. I'm not positive but heres a picture
  5. I'm havering an issue w my eu I have only had it for two days and I already love it, still have the training wheels on, but when I drop it a lil to hard it will shut off and not turn on till I plug it in just for a a second tho and this happeneds when I have plenty of battery left. Which means I really can't take it away from my house I can't go to any parks or anywhere I don't have access to a outlet
  6. I have never seen one in person but I am totally obsessed right now I want one badly!! I live in the U.S. Tho and can't find a relibale way to buy one
  7. Where r u located? Howuch r u looking to get?
  8. Or any used eu's out there that r still in good working order?? Brand name or off brand
  9. I'm looking for a distributor or a way to become a distributor in the U.S., i have been trying to locate one for a couple weeks w no luck and they do not sell these in my area and I would like to b the first to sell them
  10. When the time comes I think I'll b ready to buy a nice one u should deffinetly contact me closer to when ur ready to sell!!
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