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  1. the postage is not expensive. From san diego to Boston, only 88 dollars, if i ask Jason to write the fedex label.
  2. I am ready to send to anyone who is interested. 1360 wh, Kingsong 18A, 800w motor.
  3. I am in Boston. I am a visiting scholar at Umass Boston from China. I have to sell my Kingsong 18A before I leave on January 31, 2018. I have ridden this king song 18A for almost two years and I changed the control board and the motor 3 weeks ago in the USA. The battery can still run 100 kilometers one charge. If someone wants it, this king song 18A can be sent to you immediately for $600. However, you have to pay for the postage.
  4. Somebody in Canada intended to buy my Kingsong 18A and I have to send the unicycle to him. How to guarantee the security of the transaction? He sends me money first or I send him the unicycle first?
  5. I will consult ups or FedEx next month because I am still riding kingsong 18a in this month.
  6. I am still riding Kingsong 18 A in Boston. Perhaps next month, I will arrange to send the unicycle to someone.
  7. I only ride 10 days or so, there are some rhythmic striking sounds. Can somebody tell me what is the problem? REC009.mp3
  8. Imailed him and Jason sent a paypal. I have bought the 5A charger. In order to run a longer distance, I will keep the speed of 10 miles each hour.
  9. thank you very much. And I am thinking about buying a 5A charger and a hammock. 120 kilometers is not a problem, i think. I can ride 80 kilometers, then have lunch and rest on my hammock for 3 hours while ks 18 is charged.
  10. I changes my idea of making an external pack. Now I want to buy a 5A charger in Jason's website, but I can not find where to create an account.
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