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  1. I had the same doubt like you. KS14S or KS16S? Finally I decided to buy KS14S because KS16S is appreciably bigger than KS14S and I want my wheel to be agile to go the bus, cinema,... In fact, I'm already waiting to receive it and I'm looking forward to ride it. However, owing to your weight and height buying KS16S it will be the best option for you. I'm very tall too (1,85 m) but my weight is 73 Kg. (22 kg less than you). So KS16S 840Wh will fit you the best.
  2. Thank @Dingfelder and @vladmarks for aswering because I agree with you in most of things that you said, but my principal question was about if there is someone who have bought his/her wheel directly at szkingsong.com because I wanted to know his/her experience.
  3. I think buying a cheap wheel is a very good idea to start riding a wheel. They usually have 130Wh so you will go 6-8 km at about 10-12 kph. Then you will need a better one so you can choose a better one when you be sure what kind of rider your are and what is your very best wheel for you. (14", 16", 18",....)
  4. Finaly I've just decided to buy KS14-S. In fact, I'm waiting for it.
  5. Hi @KingSong69, you can also buy directly to szkingsong (Diana@szkingsong.com). What do you think about that? (I'm thinking about buy KS14-S, but I'm not sure about where I should buy it)
  6. Hi @Evel_Knievel, I'm happy to hear that your issue is fixed. I'm interested in buying a Kingsong wheel. Could you tell me where you exactly bought your wheel.?
  7. KS14S is alredy disponible at the market.
  8. In my opinion the best 14" wheel of all is KS14-D or KS14-S but you have to check if you can afford it. I'm KS14 (S or D) will be my next wheel.
  9. I definitely agree. It is worth to add $100-200 to get Inmotion V5f+. You will not regret.
  10. @Dr Mick, You said you bought your KS16S 840Wh directly from Kingsong, but where do you by exactily? (I want to buy KS14S)
  11. Diana, I have one simple improvement suggestion: - Anti-spining button. This is a super-intuitive button under the handle. When you need to lift up the wheel and carry it up/down stairs , it disables the drive (You can see it in Inmotion V8). I thing it is a really good idea because it's good for scooter's safe and for our safe and really comfortable. It would be really good if you implement this feature. I think it's the best innovation on the market right now.
  12. Incredible.!!!!! I love it
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