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  1. vespaman

    Helmet......the cool factor

    I don't disagree with you on this, but laws has its benefits in changing peoples habits, something that takes forever without some sort of incitement. But I think the real difference in view on this, is how much trust we have with our governments - there's a lot of studies regarding the differences between Europe (and perhaps northern Europe in particular) and the US. Perhaps living in a smaller country, where government is closer to you (or perhaps better behaved), makes a difference. I only mention this, since I find this an interesting subject - it has nothing to do with EUC since I'm not advocating helmet law. P.S. Over here, cigarrette smoking is getting harder and harder - the last law forbids smoking on many outdoor places as well. Having a full stop law would be impossible, since it would only explode the black market. Sorry for going off-topic.
  2. vespaman

    Helmet......the cool factor

    I'm also using bicycle helmet and bicycle gloves. Putting the helmet on my most precious body part is not a problem for me. In the beginning I used knee and elbow pads - those where much worse to put on, and to wear. I have fallen a few times on my own, but I am fairly convinced that if/when I "make use of" the helmet, it will not be in a single crash, but maybe hit by a car or bicyclist. Traffic accidents happens all day long in cities. While bicycle commuting to work, I have had experience in thanking my helmet twice - that makes using a helmet a non-question for me. The debate seams common for all kinds of transportation - there are always people who run their motorcycles/mopeds/bicycles without helmets, so in that sense it is expectable to see this discussion also for EU's.
  3. vespaman

    Whats a good backpack for ninebot one e+

    I have taken my Ninebot when I commute to work a few times; 5 minute ride to train station, then stairs down, up and and some walking at each station, then 10 minute ride before arriving to work. That was to much walking for me, a the How We Roll back-pack might make me start using the ninebot again for commuting. @James C Smith; did you get your backpack yet?
  4. vespaman

    Ninebot E+ actual range?

    I'm about 88kg and this weekend, I made 20km before arriving to the 20% tilt back. But it was very windy, and I noticed this before; wind sucks a lot of power. I run mixed full speed and middle speed. I'd say I would get about 30 km without wind, and being a little bit careful with the power. 11-12km does not sound like a E+.
  5. vespaman

    Ninebot one e+ low battery speed limit and beep...

    I guess it could be user configurable.. I really hate beeps, much prefers the silent tilt backs. I think I'd like vibration bracelet the most (at least in theory, haven't tried it yet).
  6. vespaman

    Smartphone APP Vibration at high speed.

    OK, good then I can stuff it back into the drawer without the hassle of setting it up! (But really; bad, since I want the function)
  7. vespaman

    Smartphone APP Vibration at high speed.

    @Rotator MI_BRACELET sounds as if it should be it! I will see if I can get some sign of functionality during the weekend.
  8. vespaman

    Ninebot won't turn on

    This is also what's natural to me; first charge port, then mains, and the reverse for disconnection. The connector feels quite fragile to me.
  9. vespaman

    Handle broken

    I am also carrying mine a lot on the handle, and I have had serious crashes, so I guess mine will eventually break as well. But I guess it can be welded again? Or is it a very complicated design where it is secured to the wheel? The only thing I can say about it, is that is that is not very ergonomic.
  10. vespaman

    Smartphone APP Vibration at high speed.

    Well, unless the beeps are less loud or higher pitched than the very loud (imo) beeps you get when you drop the wheel on its side, I have never got a beep riding. Maybe this is a setting? Anyway, I don't mind not hearing that beep, because it annoyed me a lot during practising. (maybe because I got to hear it too much!!) In fact, I never even tried the miband, since the app needed every single security right *and* required you to create an account on their site. Maybe I should try it anyways, hearing there's something in the code. Would that be the app or the firmware, that has that "My_Bracelet" string?
  11. vespaman

    How steep can your euc climb?

    Well, thought about that as well, but I fear that even if the weight where less symmetrical, there's still a chance that the wheel pick up speed. The problem as I see it, is that the EU gain speed the moment you get off, as it will try to compensate the natural forward lean. A motor less thing will at least only pick up speed passively. 15 kg of EU coming tumbling against a child, even a normal person, at those speed will cause harm. (e.g. hitting someone with their back against the EU) I think the string solution, would be nice - when one are doing tricks, just leave the string unattached/on the EU. If MF's would incorporate, the wheel could gently break instead of switching off, which probably would be best, should one accidentally pull the string when riding.
  12. vespaman

    How steep can your euc climb?

    I agree! If the pedal sensor solution is complicated to get right, a simple solution would be to have a thin rope/wire similar to those on small boats, that once pulled off, stops the motor. The end of the rope to be hooked up to the riders trousers.
  13. vespaman

    How steep can your euc climb?

    Ouch!! That looks horrible. I guess this kind of incident will really be something that can have impact on EU's future.
  14. vespaman

    Smartphone APP Vibration at high speed.

    I have never felt any vibration or had any beeps (maybe NB1 does not do beeps?) on hispeed/low bat, but then again, I never hold my phone in my hand.. I got a miband in hopes for the rumoured vibration support, but I fear it will stay as rumour rather than materialize, since it has been some time now..
  15. vespaman

    Not charging, and plug is arching electricity.

    No worries, glad to hear that you got proper support in the end!