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  1. I'm debating on whether to pick one of these up for my commute since my electric uni is difficult to bring to work due to the weight (46lbs). By the way, that last sentence cracked me up!
  2. That is true (I used to live in San Diego, so definitely not expecting the same weather as there), but it will still be a massive step up from D.C. area weather! I'll be in Monterey, CA working on my Master's degree.
  3. Nice! I'll be moving from the east coast to 6 hours north of Santa Monica next month. Looking forward to the nice weather and scenery (and no more snow)!
  4. Here, let me fix that for you!
  5. Ah, sorry about that. I wasn't aware the Air model was that recent. Since the Air is out, looks like you can get the Titanium model cheaper now, so I suppose it's down to how much you're willing to spend. The Air model is lighter and Bluetooth connectivity seems to be a bit better (haven't experienced any more stuttering or dropouts), but both models are still good. The main reason I bought the Air was my Titaniums got lost and Bestbuy only had the Air in stock at the time (and I had a bestbuy gift certificate). I didn't know what the Air was at the time and didn't realize I was buying a different model, so I actually got them by mistake. It was a good mistake though.
  6. I have to disagree with this. After owning both, I have to say the Trekz Air sounds a lot better, and is far more comfortable.
  7. Yay, increasing the Current alarm fixed it! Thanks for the help! Regarding the battery alarms, I'm not really sure what I was going for. Honestly, I didn't fully understand the purpose of the battery % setting so I just set them to 100%.
  8. Thanks! I read through it, and set my Wheellog app as follows: Alarm 1 (35kph, 100% batt), Alarm 2 (40kph, 100% batt), Alarm 3 (50kph, 100% batt), current and temp alarms default (35A and 60 degrees C), but I'm getting the same thing. The pattern I'm noticing is 6 buzzes of the Pebble in quick succession, multiple times when accelerating. Seems to happen above 6-7mph(~10kph), and happens at random when riding at higher speeds too below 18mph/29kph. I've been monitoring the pebble when this happens, and the battery hasn't dropped below 95% and the temp still looks good (20-30C when starting, never gets hotter than 45C when riding for an extended period of time).
  9. Thanks for the advice. One other thing I've noticed is my Pebble watch is vibrating at only around 7mph even though my first alarm is set for 30kph (~18mph). Temp looks good and battery isn't dropping more than a few percent when accelerating (currently at 98%), but constantly getting a warning vibration from my Pebble 2 watch (WheelLog app) at low speeds. Do you know what would cause this?
  10. Holy cow, that guy is freaking lucky! I would have had a heart attack!
  11. Just got an ACM2, and noticed a two odd things about it and was curious if it's normal: 1. When setting tiltback on WheelLog to, for example, 33kph, the wheel seems to tilt back the second I start moving past walking speed. I can't get it to go as fast as normal. When I go to the Gotway app and set tiltback to 33kph, it works as it should. 2. When I start approaching about 19mph, the wheel starts wobbling quite a bit and I have to slow down to maintain control. Is this just me and my technique causing this, wind buffeting, or something to do with the wheel or tire? Thanks, Joe
  12. One of my co-workers got a DUI for riding his bike after a few beers, I would assume the same applies to EUCs.
  13. When doing a search and clucking on different pages of search results, I get the message, "Please wait 8 seconds before attempting another search." I'm also getting the message if I click on a result and hit the back button to go back to the results. I'm not doing a new search, so I don't understand why it's telling me that I'm 'attempting another search'. Is this a known issue?
  14. Thanks for this advice. Have you had any issues with the screws stripping out of the body? Do they hold pretty well? Also, is there any worry of hitting wires when drilling the upper part of the shell? Thanks, Joe
  15. They aren't included free anymore. I paid $100 extra for mine. Got the wheel today, just waiting for the fast charger shipment.
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