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  1. Razumpel

    Which alternative is the 'safest' EUC

    I like Salomon-Speedcross-Shoes, too
  2. Razumpel

    KS18 - 1200W - 40km/h, a quick and dirty review

    Hi again, @Dingfelder - thanks - its a very nice wheel... and no, i didnt try out the seat yet. But its no. 2 on my "to do list" @Goodman - thanks... the big-fat-mama is a little bit disappointed... She said "i'm not fat" I will try out the seat in the next days... i think it could be relaxing to seat a (little) while riding a longer distance... i will hold you up to date !
  3. Hi, i only want to tell my first impressions of my brand new toy to you. Please excuse my bad english - but my schooltime is long ago. My euc-history is quite simple - i learned to ride on my first secondhand bought Airwheel X3 in the age of 50 With today 51 years i am surely not the youngest one in this forum. My Airwheel brings a lot of fun to me. Main area where i used it was our private court behind the house. Many Garages to hold on, and its great enough to ride great circles and go straight for the speedlimit. Some little tours into the woods... but not far. 10km range only. Only a Toy. For me - its too slow to ride some km's. On a electric-car-meeting in this spring i met a younger guy who rides a fat gotway with over 1500wh battery - and it goes fast like hell Till this moment i havent realized that there are faster and greater eucs as my Airwheel... For me it was just a toy to practice some skills... Than i joined this forum and began to read... Bad for my Wallet Last week i bought a KingSong KS18 with 1200W and a 680Wh Battery. My first impression (always compared with my X3) was : big and heavy. I took my new wheel home, charged and put my first feet on it... Luxurious feeling. Very good Pedals - quite comfortable. High between my legs... Very nice to handle. Dismout and you can easily grab the handelebar - cause its so high you dont have to reach far down. My first start was a little bit hesitantly - in comparison to my Airwheel, on this little X3 - i get on and it speeds up and i can balance perfectly. The KS18 behaves like a big-fat-mama... I leaned forward... it felt like my big-fat-mama first has to take in a deep breath... and than slowly began to roll forward... but than... Big-Fat-Mama shows me her qualities. It speeds up and 3secs later it beeps and beeps... Rookie-Protection. I hate it. Today after several longer rides through woods and along the near River Rhine... i am very glad with my KS18. It felt very comfortably - the Pedals are pretty. The behavior of it is exactly like you would expect it from a big-fat-mama. Always well disposed. Quick, but not hectic. Quick turns and fast forward or backward speed up is not the domain of big-fat-mama. But who will expect this from (my) big-fat-mama ? I dont. Take it as it is. Not for Tricks and not for small courts. Lean forward and ride some kilometers - take a breath with (it) her - when it speeds up... Take care with big-fat-mama If it reaches speed - its like a Lorry... look your way ahead, big-fat-mama takes her time to break... I have fun. The straight running characteristic is great. It climbes stones, roots and curbs without problems. Its fast. Heavy - but a well trained big-fat-mama. In my case with 60km range its breath is deep or long enough for me. Thank you for reading - this are only my first impressions of my Rookie-Mode-100km's... Today i will speed up my big-fat-mama !!!
  4. Razumpel

    The Photo Thread

    Ah - i see - i formerly preferred Brands - Kingsong... Ok, stay tuned
  5. Razumpel

    The Photo Thread

    Riding in the Hotel is very funny I prefer to ride outside... As @meepmeepmayer already said - my wheel is now free to race... I turned the first and second alarm off, set the 3rd on 27 km/h and the tilt-back on 28km/h i will take the first ride with my new settings today in the evening... @Dingfelder - i will gladly write a short review - but where in this forum ? Here are some Impressions from my last ride yesterday in the evening:
  6. Razumpel

    German Discussion Group

    Moin, grade gestern mit meinem neuen Spielzeug ne ordentliche Runde gedreht. Viel Wald, Parks und am Rhein entlang - aber auf dem Rückweg kurz vor Zuhause sind hat ein paar Straßen zu queren... ich also artig an der Fußgängerampel gestanden und gewartet - da ist die Rennleitung an mir vorbei gefahren - haben interessiert geschaut - und sind weitergefahren. Kleiner Nachtrag, Die HUK versichert kein el. Einrad. Weder ist das über eine private Haftpflicht abdeckbar (nur bis 6km/h - oder Pedelec) noch gibts ein Mopped-Kennzeichen ohne Betriebserlaubnis... ich war grade vor Ort im Büro und wir haben mit der Zentrale telefoniert.
  7. Razumpel

    The Photo Thread

    Hi, thanks a lot - oh no - the 1508Wh-Version was to much Money for me. I am starting with the 680Wh-Version. If i want more range - i can upgrade the Battery-Pack later. But 60km are unreachable at this time for me. First i have to ride 100km with the Rookie-Mode - max 17km/h before beeping ;(
  8. Razumpel

    The Photo Thread

    Hi, a new lovely Day - and my new Toy at my first tour along the River Rhine
  9. Razumpel

    The Photo Thread

    Nice to see your pictures - its raining since Sunday in - and around Cologne... so my euc has a break
  10. Razumpel

    The Photo Thread

    lol... so much euc's in one Place - never seen that. by the way - it seems to me that's the Monsters tire ist bigger than the whole X3 in front of it...
  11. Razumpel

    German Discussion Group

    Freut mich zu hören. Nu bin ich mal gespannt was aus der Geschichte noch wird. Ich bin ja auch kurz davor mir ein zügigeres Rad zu holen, weil mir selbst mein X3 echt Spaß macht... Leider verderben mir die Berichte mit involvierter Rennleitung die Laune darauf ein bisschen. Obwohl ich bisher 95% meiner Strecken über Waldwege und eigene Rad / Wanderwege gefahren bin. Also nix für die Innenstadt (bisher).
  12. Razumpel

    German Discussion Group

    Junge, Junge... gute Besserung und hoffentlich bleibt dir dein Humor erhalten!
  13. Razumpel

    German Discussion Group

    Scheiße, Mann ! Tut mir Leid zu lesen. Nicht nur, dass Du Blessuren hast - jetzt dreht dir die Rennleitung auch noch 'n Strick draus. Ich glaube ich geh dieser Tage mal zu meiner Versicherung und frag mal nach. Schadet nicht.
  14. Razumpel

    Why BMS ?

    Hello together, i understand, that some Cells need a BMS, because they aren't fine selected - so they become a drift in single voltages. I think in the cheap-cell-packs from alibaba for example there is a BMS needed... But if you would use Sony Konion Cells - there is theoretical no BMS needed. Several Vehicles i know drive with these Cells without looking at any single-cell. Only the Main-Voltage is under observation. Since Years ! Why uses no one these Cells in an EUC ? OK, little bit more expensive... but they have nice technical Data : Generation 5 is about 2.600mAh - with 30A current... Generation 6 is about 3.000mAh - with 35A (so far i know) If there is no BMS - it could not shutdown the EUC while errors occour in it measurement... Not getting hurt - cause BMS failes - sounds good for me. Just my 2 cent
  15. Razumpel

    Noob with an X3 from Barcelona

    Hm... Ok, the X3 is my first euc. I bought in second Hand (or third - who knows?) I gave only 100€ because the Charger is missing. Since the last weeks i do some trips with this crappy X3. I do very cool Uphills... i ride it until it beeps und tilted up, so that i have to stop. I ride through the forrest, dust, sand and mud... My X3 looks like it has passed the second Worldwar... But - it works I Love it...