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  1. It's only a matter of time (and not even a lot). Two years ago the people who saw me passing through the streets, here in Paris, stopped and pointed at me with the finger. Last year, sometimes someone turned to see me pass. Currently, seeing a wheel has become so common that no one notices me any more when I pass....
  2. mmm... It has the extended battery covers, it should be an 84V...
  3. Thanks, it's probably what I did without knowing it. (and I connected it in parallel)...
  4. Sorry to hear this, in my case the addition of the beeper certainly produced a stronger sound. I must admit that not knowing what type of beeper to choose, I bought 4 or 5 different models (at about 1 dollar apiece, not a serious damage ...) and then I chose the one that, after adding it to the existing, sounded louder. Maybe an impedance problem? (question to the experts...)
  5. Haha! I don't think I deserve such an honor for so little! I simply added a buzzer, similar to the existing one (Ali, around 1 $ ...) and I welded it to the same cables (an Y connection) The sound level of the alarm is obviously not doubled, but definitely stronger than before.
  6. Correct, it's what I did on my ACM2, but the 3rd alarm cannot be changed/deactivated. it's the 80% power limit, and I'm very careful never to exceed it. For this reason I added a supplementary buzzer that help me to stay in the limits. (I hear the beeps even with the helmet at 50km/h)
  7. Ciao, Benvenuto. Ci sono vari gruppi di appassionati in Italia, Milano, Torino, Roma e altri. Tu “ruoti” da quelle parti? Per quel che riguarda la ruota, la MsuperX é sicuramente una delle migliori ruote del momento (e non perché io sono un estimatore delle Gotway...). Altra ottima ruota é la Kingsong 18L o LX. In Italia trovi vari rivenditori che ti possono procurare le ruote in questione, (il buon Berus qui sopra, ad esempio). Altra possibilità invece, per risparmiare (ma rinunciando alla garanzia e al supporto) é quella di comprarla direttamente in Cina via AliExpress (conosci?).
  8. Hi, I have no dates to give you, but a good idea is to follow the French forum in its part dedicated to "sorties". There, sooner or later you will find official announcements: https://www.espritroue.fr/forum/9-sorties-et-randos/
  9. Haha, my comment too, was just an info, many times I heard the comment about how little Paris was and I just wanted to make it clear that for some strange reason you can define yourself as a resident of Paris only if you live inside the "Periferique". A few meters away, just across the street, and you live in a different city ... (ps, I'm not French!)
  10. When we talk about Paris (and the population of 2.8 million) we must consider that we are talking only about the town inside the “periferique”, a circular road that surround the town. (have a look on google maps...) The real Paris is much bigger, with the suburbs it reach more than 12 million people. (Île de France) ... and yes I’m using everyday my wheel to go to work and not only. I never had any problem with the police, just one time when they kindly asked me not to stay on the road but on the sidewalk. Just a couple of week ago we had one of our meetings, with more than 200 participants (wheelers but also scooters) and we had, as usual, very good moments traveling across the city center. Here a link to a video tourned by @Hansolo,
  11. Ciao. Certo che la quantità di casini a cui vai incontro per avere uno Z6 ricarrozzato Z10 non sono pochi... Sei sicuro che ne valga la pena? I rischi che ci siano poi dei problemi di funzionamento (da evitare assolutamente nel caso di una monoruota!) sono da valutare attentamente... Capisco la ricerca assoluta di un risparmio, ma quando vedo che su AliExpress si trova la Z10 a poco più di 1500€, mi chiedo se tutto il lavoro che hai previsto non sia molto più caro. Immagino l’attrazione per la Z10, una ruota esteticamente interessante, ma perché non considerare ad esempio una Tesla? É più potente, più veloce e costa meno di 1200€ (1020 wh) un saluto.
  12. Same for me, I bought my first ACM from them (April 2017), delivery in Paris in 12 days ( ! ) and no supplementary costs. I remember that they also offer me a free trolley....
  13. Si, io lo faccio. E non ci vedo niente di strano, pensa se la tua ruota finisse addosso ad una persona e la mandasse all’ospedale o se finendo in mezzo alla strada causasse un incidente... Auguri per il seguito...
  14. al solito, in Cina... Ecco il link Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sport-balance-car-Mg-Al-alloy-electric-unicycle-GEVOT-FX8-balanced-car/32828940435.html?spm=2114.11010108.10001.7.1459649brpyta7
  15. Come cavolo funzionerà mai un freno su di una monoruota? forse una sorta di tiltback manuale....
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