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  1. It's her left, but she's right handed, so hopefully that makes things a little easier. I'm actually in the PNW US. I used to work in medical research(cancer bioinformatics), so she was going to show me what the surgeon specifically recommended to see if maybe I'd come across something similar and more affordable. She had the bed well before all this just as a luxury purchase. Gotta admit, I'm pretty jealous of the bed, but good adjustable ones aren't cheap. Early 60's. Luckily we're in the same house till her ADU is finished, given it starts ><, so it's really convenient
  2. They decided on the reverse replacement, so both sides. She's just starting the pre-surgery prep which is ~3 weeks of physical therapy, tests, and classes. Then the surgeon said 6 weeks before she's allowed to drive again (I can chauffeur on an EUC, right?!). I'll have to come up with some more balanced meals to make too. That looks kind of like what her doctor recommended, but insurance wouldn't cover. We've got a pretty good amount of flexible gel ice packs but something designed specifically for the shoulder would be nice. She's got one of those fancy adjustable beds, so it should b
  3. @Rehab1 Got any tips for caring for someone after stuff like this? My Mom is getting a shoulder replacement soon, so somewhat different, but it seems like your shoulder fun could translate in some ways. The scar even looks like it overlaps a bit with the approach they're planning.
  4. A couple pages back @houseofjob links to a video timestamped showing the charger port which is the same as what the V8 uses, so that should mean the same fast chargers that worked with the V8 would work with it.
  5. A bit of an extreme example, but what I think of is motorcycle frame sliders. They're positioned in a way that in a fall the sliders keep most of the bike off the ground preventing a good amount of damage. For a wheel it'd be hard to strategically place something similar without them being awkward, having a ton of them, or just covering the whole edge of certain areas with rubber or something since the wheel can bounce and roll so randomly (which is basically what the covers for, but my lights!).
  6. It kinda looks like it's using the same outer shell from the V8, so that's probably why. I vinyl wrapped my wheel anyway. It's super cheap and protects pretty well.
  7. @Jerome Pretty good representation of the two on the same image. It's not the most intuitive system for sure...
  8. The V8 is rated for 25°, and while it's hard to judge the angle from a video, I've definitely taken mine up some angles that are approaching the 30° in your video @Rehab1. I'll have to see if I can figure out the grade of the steepest one I rode because it was so steep cars could barely drive it. It struggled some, but I'm also a decent but under it's rated weight and conditions were pretty ideal that day. Edit - Roughly calculated the grade using Google maps and my cities zoning map data, and the street I was thinking of is somewhere around 31% grade. Not quite as steep as I thought, and
  9. Yeah that's part of it, but it's pretty silly. I guess I was doing the diagnostics on my broken V8 wrong, but now I can't even connect in a way that lets me redo it correctly. Turning off cell data and GPS used to be a workaround, but that stopped working. A VPN is probably the solution if inmotion plans to keep the geoblock in the new app.
  10. Will the new app work with previous models? Cause constantly getting this is reaaaallly annoying.
  11. Well that's better pricing than I expected. Curious to see what range reviews actually get. Personally I'm not massively impressed right away. Bigger peddles seem nice, wider tire would be really nice, and the range+power upgrade is cool, but it's not a huge improvement over the V8. Also is it actually in the same shell, just with the wheel moved down to fit the batteries? Totally agree here. I have to pick up the wheel a lot, so more bulk around the handle would be frustrating. I was kind of hoping for more study design for the integrated though since it can be a bit wobbl
  12. Bad timing for a migraine. Hopefully I'll be asleep by then given meds work, but I'm looking forward to seeing specs in the morning. Then promptly crying because I doubt I can afford one.
  13. I only noticed the competitions a few days ago. I think it's either people missing it, or like me, knowing they won't be anywhere near #1. Maybe you could try another with a top 3 or more prize scheme instead of top 1, and see if you can get that stickied for a little bit. Obviously the prizes don't have to all be wheels. It seems like people would be more inclined to participate if there's something for the runner ups. Consistency helps too. Personally I'm less inclined to try if the competition isn't confirmed to be happening till a week or more into the month of the competition.
  14. Oh whoa, I didn't even realize there was a settings area in the WheelLog app. Changing those settings fixed the crash! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17_04bOmLfq5_k49I2vAuGKOV_jfLeC4JkfUbikiMbFk/edit?usp=sharing I did message Bobwheel after he replied above and the board is slightly cheaper from them, so that's seeming like the affordable option if chances are high it's the cause.
  15. It was pretty much all flat riding, especially for the first say 5% after full charge (though looking at the video the charge% jumps around like crazy). After it throws the "Be prepared" warning and does the tilt back I kept pushing it for a bit in case it could reveal anything more about the issue, so maybe that's what you're seeing? The issue happened a little after 1:05 in the video, so any regen and backwards tilt after is the forced tiltback and me pushing.
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