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  1. Wax

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Just retain the under the handle motor cut-off switch and collapsible handle. That’s one of the most underrated features of the V8 that make it the ultimate commuter unit.
  2. Wax

    Upgrading from V5f to a V8 14" to 16"

    I think if V8s had after market battery pack upgrades, I'd pick one up if they could squeeze out another 100wh and as a result, probably better torque. One killer feature that no other EUC I know has, is the under handle motor cut-off switch. This has proved invaluable for my commuting needs and I wonder why no other brand seems to incorporate into their machines.
  3. Wax

    V5F+ or V8. Help me decide.

    I didn't bother wrapping my V8 in all that foam tape because I know I wouldn't be bothered about trying to remove the sticky residue when I didn't need it anymore. Yes I have a couple of dings and scratches on the outer shell and pedals because of the learning process and a few odd spills, but it can be buffed out. I figured I was going to face up to the fact I wouldn't be able to keep it scratch-free for its lifespan even if I were very proficient at riding it. Scratches give it character
  4. Wax

    Inmotion & Solowheel

    I hear you. This pretty much kills the inmotion market because their pricing is whack. Like you I'm a V8 owner so if I were to get a new wheel in the future, and if KS and GW sort out their material durability and firmware issues, I'd get them over the Solowheel.
  5. Wax

    Inmotion & Solowheel

    That's really sad. But it's an opportunity for Gotway and Kingsong to gain market share if they want to drop their pricing.
  6. I found that's doing 30min sessions over a week was very beneficial in my learning process. Set small goals for yourself like learning to mount/dismount smoothly, learning to move in a path you want to go, wide turns, the doing a large "figure 8" then a smaller one. This would then be a good base for you to start exploring the use of the EUC for commuting
  7. Wax

    Brand new Inmotion V8 and I am disappointed.

    Isn't running a bigger (heavier) tyre going to result in more battery drain if there is more contact between rubber and road? I honestly don't know what width my tyre is, all I know is that it's a Kenda i don't go off road much, so maybe that's why it doesn't matter to me that much!
  8. Wax

    Brand new Inmotion V8 and I am disappointed.

    When I first got my V8 it had a little bit of tyre scrape but within a few minutes of learning to ride it, the sound went away and probably the shell or the tyre itself sanded that 1mm down and no more sound. I reckon the tiny clearance issue is probably due to Inmotion trying to avoid crud,sticks,leaves getting lodged inside the unit and causing problems down the line. Im about 75kg and a 15km commute takes off about 35-45% of battery life, depending on how hard I accelerate and how high a speed I maintain whilst cruising. Went riding in the stormy conditions for about an hour and the power switch is fine so far. Compared to most other brands, inmotions, from my observations, have the least complaints. So you probably got a bad unit.
  9. Wobbles for me come about when my feet aren't placed forward enough and it's more evident when running at higher PSI (>45)
  10. Wax

    V5F+ or V8. Help me decide.

    Inmotions are IP55 certified (water resistance) too. I don't think they KS or Gotways have that. I took my V8 through a tropical thunderstorm and had zero issues, so that's quite important if you need to go through some wet weather I commute for about an hour on my V8 which leaves about 75% juice after the trip. So if your commute is much longer, you can either get a second charger or get another wheel. The V8 is my first and only wheel but I am really pleased with my purchase after hearing all the QC issues with the other brands. (cut outs, bursting into flames, etc)
  11. Wax

    V5, V5+ or V5F?

    Unfortunately longer range equates to heavy battery packs until battery tech dramatically improves. The V8 and V5F units, from what I know, are one of the lightest in terms of good power and range. There's some Russian folks that did some actually tests on the Gotways, inmotions and IPS eucs and actually have very good things to report on the inmotions.
  12. Wax

    V5, V5+ or V5F?

    I would get the latest V5F or V5F+ if I didn't get my V8. Very similar range to the V8. If you want to take it out in rain and not worry about frying your circuits the IP55 waterproof rating is a godsend. Save up a little more for the V5F or V5F+ because you want to have some buffer for more remaining battery life if you are going to take it a little further. Consider your weight too.
  13. Wax

    INMOTION V8 Bluetooth

    You're a champ! Was wondering how the heck my lights came on one time on their own.
  14. Wax

    IP55 Rating is Awesome

    Ok I'm new to this EUC thing and I must say that my V8 (my first EUC) went through a tropical thunderstorm and came out with a free wash and no issues otherwise. I didn't ride it through puddles deeper than an inch to be safe. I thought of hopping onto a bus mid way, but I figured I was already damp from the rain, so I just finished the trip on the v8. It was a 6km journey averaging about 24km/h and it rode well in heavy rain. And in case, anyone is wondering, yes, I was soaked through and yes I'm really impressed.
  15. If there's one thing I've learnt from this forum, it's always to err on the side of being slow and steady, than unnecessary trips to the ER.