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  1. Luiz

    EUC fitness?

    I lost 35 kilos and unicycling helped me a lot in achieving that .
  2. Luiz

    Legalising EUCs in the UK, the next steps

    Congratulatios for all involved in this serious and high level discussion . I am still very skeptical but I am starting to allow myself to have some hope of pet devices legalisation in UK when i see such inteligent and rational arguments . Time has arrived for us to present dispationate and reality ankered ideas to the authorities . You have my full support . That is the way to go !!!! . Great job guys By the way . I love the skyway proposition . It is a great opportunity for london and UK to be in the forefront of history once again and revolutionize city transportation all arround the world . British ingenuity and forward thinking revolutionized the world for the better and made Great Britain one of the most relevant coutries in the human history . The Amsterdan option is not optimal as the bicycles still have to negotiate with overground metro , cars , busses and motorcycles in the crossings generating potentialy dangerous situations. Maybe it is time for london to lead the way again and to be in the forefront of chage.
  3. Glad to hear you were using protective gear and , only your pride got hurt . You must be a very fit and agile person with ninja reflexes and some training on martial arts if you walked out of a fall at 40 km/h with just scratches . To all of us that do not posses such incredible skills and agility the lesson once again is clear . DO NOT RIDE AN ONE WHEEL ELETRONIC BALACED DEVICE AT HIGH SPEEDS UNLESS YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH . If this is the case i would sugest a quicker and less painfull aproach . As a rule i use protective gear most of the time but to be completely honest i found myself riding 40 km this weekend with no protection apart from my winter jacket . Although not at 40km/h , still prety stupid . Shame on me ๐Ÿ˜”
  4. Luiz

    Legalising EUCs in the UK, the next steps

    I consider myself very lucky .The only face plant i had happened on the first time i managed to ride in a straight line on a euc and it was my fault . (i passed the speed limmit on a airwheel x3) . In 3 years riding though i never had any other problems . On the contrary i recall many situations when the euc caught me up when i tought i would fall . We cannot deny that any eletronic failures on an 1 wheel eletronic balaced veicle are potentialy catastrofic , particulary if you ride at more than 20 km/h. With 1 wheel you cannot just roll out of it in case of a sudden electric failure like you can on an e-bike or e-scoter. The fact that you are standind increase the risk of injury in my opinion. I believe in risk management but if you still have shut downs while riding sensibly due to eletronic failures you have a very dangerous situation particulary if you are riding on the roads . I confess that the frequence and severity of injures reported made me consider giving up as i gave up of motorcycles after a big fall.
  5. Luiz

    Legalising EUCs in the UK, the next steps

    Dear friends . I congratulate you for your eforts and positive attitude toward the issue of legalization and i hope you will be rewarded with at least an aknowledgement by the authorities of the potential practical uses and enviromental benefits of eucs . I am an enthusiast of personal electric transportation and i own eucs , e-bicycles , e-skates and e-scooters and i like all of them . In my opinion they are a democraticaly afordable and human friendly alternative to the failed fossil fueled , congested , expensive , sound and air poluting , stressful and unconfortable transport sistem we have today . The simple fact is that the people are geting fed up of paying lots of money to comute like cattle inside cramped metro and busses or being trapped for hours per day in traffic congested roads while breathing poisonous air on big cities like london . Public disobedience movements like critical mass demontrates that clearly . Even the authorities are noticing that something has to change . I have heard of plans to make London's city centre car free . Comparing pet device options availiable at the moment i can say that nothing matches the portability , easy of mantainance , agility and versatility of eucs . This devices are unique and that is why i absolutely love them . That is why loving ir or hating it , people notice it (awesome !!! , sick !!! , nonsense , what is this contraption ? , wtf ?! ) On the other hand we can see even the most enthusiastic of us considering giving up eucs due to serious injuries suffered while riding . I hope that eucs will improve safety records and prove to be more reliable in the future but till them i dont see how the legislators will move to legalise them for road and pavement use .
  6. Luiz

    Rehab1ยดs accident(s)

    I am sad to hear about your accident . I wish you a full and speedy recovery . Thank you for sharing with us your painful experience and decision to stop riding eucs . The thrill of riding eucs is so great that we feel invencible sometimes . We know that we should not do it but we keep pushing the speed up to keep the adrenaline pumping ( we all do this , it is human nature to push the limits ) . It is easy to forget how fragile and vulnerable we are while riding this failure prone devices . We all made poor choices while riding , we all had close calls , we all had accidents (congratulations if you have not yet) . Some had more luck than others but after so many accidents reported it is wise to assume that it will happen at some point if you ride eucs. Your accident will remind us all , (once again) of how dangerous eucs are and that we should do everything possible to minimize the risks if we chose to keep riding . I dont know about you but i will try to stay away from cars , use full face helmet , full body armour , wrist protection and knee pads and pray for the best . I reckon 20 is plenty for me from now on . That is my way to manage the risk .
  7. Luiz

    Police Tighten the Noose in London

    Reality check. The only electric unlicenced and unisured veicles alowed in public areas in uk are mobility scooters with maximun speed of 5 m/h or electric assisted bicycles with maximun speed of 15 m/h and maximun power of 250 w .There are no hopes of legal arguments you can use. We love this devices as we took the time to learn how to ride and we know how fun , versatile , portable and helpfull they are but we are a small group of teck savy , risk takers , early adopters and the truth is that most people have prejudice of a un-natural device that look like an accident about to happen . The laws will not change any time soon as pedestrians do not want to share the pavement and drivers are not keen to share their space with unlicenced and uninsured veicles riders which are viewed by many as free tippers and lazy cheaters. The truth is that there is no space for personal electric transportation in the current sistem . Just look at the growing number of bicycle related accidents and deaths reported in London to see there is no way pet veicles will be accepted on roads or pavements. Our best hope would be acceptance in dedicated cycles lanes . Would be great to share this space with bicycles . Will they want to share their space with us?
  8. There was not much detail of the incident and no mention about veycle damage or argument on the articles that i found , this is the first time i have heard about this rumor. On a side note . I have just heard from a electric skater that he was stoped by a policeman while riding on the road in London . The enforcer took his details and said he would research about the road legality of the e-skate and return to him accordingly. Hope these are just isolated incidents .
  9. In my opinion this is a welcomed development and a very important first step forward. It marks the initial acceptance by Denmark authorities of eucs into the city enviroment as a personal electric transportation and despite being more restrictive than most of us would wish it is better than most other countries have . The laws will addapt accordingly depending on safety records and technology developments . It is up to the eucs to show how well they will integrate in the transport sistem of the cities and if the restriction should be relaxed. It would be unrealistic to expect the law makers to allow a higher speed limit initialy . Meanwhile in UK we had the second case of euc rider persecution for driving a motorized veicle without insurance with penalty of six points on driving license. . Congratulations for Denmark euc riders . I am happy for you and i hope other countries in Europe will follow . Happy new year to all in this amazing forum . ๐ŸŽ†
  10. Nice description of diferences between eboards and eucs nute and paddylaz. Both are great fun and both have pros and cons as comutig devices but in my case i just use them for fun and i am having the best time of my life . I enjoy the unmached agility , portability and versatility of eucs and the endless carving on the road with the eboard is just awessome if you enjoy board sports. Both are amazing and adctive devices. Sound like you had a great time on sunday nute . I wish i could have been there but my wife had some urgent homework for me on sunday . The group rides are awessome but i wonder how long it will take for car drivers and people in general to start complainng about growing numbers of euc and eboards riding on the very busy streets and potential accident risks (we know that we all enjoy the adrenalin) . Bare in mind that this kind of group rides are happening all over the world in big cities like New York , Paris , Melbourne , LA . Is this a world trend ? There is already 300 people on the esk8 uk facebook group and growing fast .
  11. Sorry Stuart . I wont be able to go this time unfortunately . Have fun and make sone nice pictures to share with us .
  12. Luiz

    London UK meetup

    This forum is really amazing . Friendly people wiling to help new riders to enjoy this exiting hobbie . Congratulations to all of you all guys . Hi Vence . In London there are lots of oportunities to join a group . There is the london electric unicycle group and the esk8uk group . You could join this guys on facebook . They organize rides weekly and both groups have an awesome crew . This friday there will be the critical mass event witch should be specially fun due to the hallowen . I reckon there is a group of rollerbladers that gather for a ride every sunday starting from hide park . I have never rode with them but they seem to be a friendly and welcoming group. It is wonderful to see that there are very exiting oportunities for people who are into personal electric transportation to enjoy and have lots of fun and the authoritirs dont seem bother much with our presence as long as we are not puting anyone in harms way . It is a very exiting time to live indeed and an a great oportunity to be a pioneer in the electric revolution ( i have heard rumors of a goverment electric bicycle help to by skeme aiming to take people out of cars and into cycling ) . It would be awesome if this rumors are confirmed . And there have been reports of plans to improve cycling infrastructure in London to improve safety for cyclists I would like to remind all of us to try to be very cautious while riding and respectfull with pedestrians in order to prevent any accidents that could potentially ruin the fun for everyome.
  13. LOL ๐Ÿ‘ฝ. Are you going tomorrow Stuart ? Had my first practice ride with the e-board yesterday . Loved it , but will be riding in slow mode for a long time .
  14. Luiz

    CE marking

    Very iteresting .
  15. They esk8uk meet every weekend on saturdays and sundays there is a bosted board ride.