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  1. Thursday next week will be great . I usualy ride on the beach front .
  2. I agree with you 100% meep (sorry for the slopy euc models coment). I am so happy with my msuper V3 and ACM both 64 v and 850 wh that i do not feel the need to upgrade . The torque range and speed are plenty for my needs . I feel like anything else will just add unecessary weight. Improved waterproofing would be great though . Regarding to OW's motor output i an not so sure (the thing is tiny). I dont know how much more power they could possibly get out of it . That is where gotway could shine with a reinvented design .
  3. I am off today . Give me a shout if you would like to meet
  4. Thanks for sharing the video meep . Yes , It looks like gotway has the technology all right . But they could do better than just copying FM . I beleive they can learn from OWs flaws and came up with an exiting new giroscope esk8 that is more reliable and less prone to nose dives . I know the key note for safety with eucs is redundancy and this may be the problem with OWs (the size of the kart tire may limit the motor output) . I also noticed there is a direct relation between thickness and shape of tire with woble and this may also be inproved in some way . That is why my chips are with gotway . Because they bouldly push the limits (sometimes recklessly so) , not whithout some pain for the early adopters i must say . But nobody can deny their contribution to euc inovation . In my opinion there are far too many euc models at the moment . May be it is time for gotwat to diversify their rage of products and enter on this fast growing new market .
  5. We both live in Salisbury but we ride in Bournemouth sometines .
  6. Hi . I am in Salisbury . There is an one wheel rider aswell . Sometimes we ride in Bournemouth .
  7. In my opinion (Bare in mind that i have much more experience with eucs) you do trade stability to have the surf feel of the OW at least at this stage . This can be mitigated by proper carving but even on the videos of experienced OW riders i noticed some woble . I am not advocating against the OW (It is very fun) althogh i believe eucs are at a more advanced stage of its development . My point is that the device itself and riders would benefit if OW had proper competition like there is on the euc market . I would love to see what kind of inovations gotway or nineboat could introduce on their version of self balaced esk8 . Future motion opened the market but now is time for other companies to join for the benefit of consumers .
  8. I confess my first impression of OW was not posive as i thought it was not natural to ride a self balanced wheel sideways (prejudice) but after ridind it i can totaly undestand why some people love it so much despite the obvious disadvantages compared to the latest euc models . I still believe it ts more dangerous to ride sideways but i was trying to convicve myself to get an OW as i reckon my underpowered airwheel X3 was an exelent teacher . I have learned the most important lessons with it (the hardest way) always respect the limitatios of the wheel and eyes on the road all the time . But i am not sure about the OW compromises x price so i will wait a bit more in the hope that gotway or nineboat want to take my money . Congrats for Duff on the euc army channel for showing the OW on the eyes of an euc rider .
  9. Great discussion guys . That is why i love this forum. I think the learning curve is diferent than Eucs . EUCs are more dificult at first , but after it clicks you feel stable prety quick . OWs are easier to ride at fitrst but takes more time to get fluid and feel confortable with the wobles they produce . The OWs are less forgiving than eucs . It reminds me of my first euc (airwheel X3) . It would kick me out mercilessly if i overpowered it just a bit ( no redundancy ) .
  10. The market for OWs is smaller than scoters inded houseofjob but the same is true for eucs and there is loads of competition also . The OW growth is very impressive and it is basicaly the same device as euc with kart tire and adaptations for the side riding stance .
  11. On CES , OW over charged the hype (iphone like) anoucing big things caming and everybody was stoked for an upgrade .Turns out it was just a $225 , 35% faster hyper charger for the XR and a stand . LOL 😅 this guys on OW are such trolls .The reactions on the facebook OW owners group were hilarious .
  12. I am not sure about making the OW even bigger LanghamP . The thing is already so bulky and heavy . This , plus the relative limited range are the main disadvantages of it in conparison to eucs , but the carving , float , surf feel of it is awessome and that is why lots of people are paying serios buck for it despite its clear limitations at this early stage . OW can charge whatever they want for the device and parts and even slow down the release of upgrades to maximise their profits only because there is no serious competition . Seem to be a good time for gotway . nineboat or even kingsong , inmotion to jump on the band wagon if the do not want to miss the train .
  13. The moonwalk is a remoteless esk8 but not very succesfull by the looks of it phatmike . It shows though that gotway has an eye on the crowded esk8 market . I reckon they would do much better with a self balanced sk8 considering the relative new market with less serious competition and their expertise on eucs . I watched the video of the mten OW conversion Meep . A bit rough , but it shows it can be done . I reckon this concept could be chiseled by gotway into a cool new device . More clearence from the floor needed and figuring out mout and dismount will be the chalenge .
  14. Hi Meep . Still alive and looking for new ways to kill myself . Eucs are just taking too long . I reckon the problem with all the existing self balanced esk8s options is that they are limiting themselves by trying to make it look like a sk8 when this is a different beast all together . The boards are just too long , the motors are too weak and if it dips a bit , there is no recovery (puting some small wheels in the front pads is not a real solution) . My friend is a very competent rider and had 2 bad nosedives with the OW XR in less than 300 miles . Smaller and slightly tilted up euc pedals/pads may help to avoid nosedives . Also why not using the space between the legs to allow bigger batteries/wheels and more powerful motors ?(the mechanics of Z10 thicker tires may work) . Many people are putting aftermarket external batteries over the mudgard anyway on the OWs . But I guess what I am suggesting is a sideways rideable euc , not a SBSk8 (by the way that is also a good name) . But I bet gotway could make them look cool . What I realized after giving a go on the OW is that the feeling of riding sideways is awesome and PAIM addicted people like myself (board background) love it and are willing to take a tumble on their bodies and their wallets for that sensation . Here is my pitch . Someone give us a decent sideways rideable euc that mimics the feeling of skate/snow boarding/kitesurfing . Gotway my big chips are one you with a side bet on nineboat . I do believe in the benefits of competition ( the euc market is a good example of heathy competition) . It is time for someone to give OW a run for its money .
  15. I like the boldness of gotway . I Have a msuper V2 ,V3 and ACM. Love all of them . I also love my evolve gtx esk8 . Yes i am just a sucker for personal assisted induction mobility (PAIM) devices because they are F.A.F. and yes I am a middle age crisis male looking for an adrenaline fix to keep me going . The self balanced skateboards are selling like hot cakes despite being over priced and underpowered . I bet gotway could do a much better job if they want a peace of this fast growing market . I have tried the one wheel and they are actually very fun but £2000 is too much for what it is at the moment in my opinion (a death trap). A gotway engeneared self balanced esk8 ( -O-esk8 could be a cool name ). If they manage to put together one of those powerful motors with thicker tires (to give estability) on a smaller front and back platform (they could do something cool with foldable foot pads by the way) , with just enough space to place our feet confortably and reduce risk of nosedives . This is just a folish dream but i would definitely by one if gotway managed to pull this off .😎
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