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  1. The patent that Chen was awarded was for the device that you stand on without a seat. Many of us know of Trevor Blackwel and the eunicycle and he may well be able to claim to have invented that. But that in the same thing as what we call a EUC today. Indeed Chen actually licensed software to build his invention from an existing company that made a seated electric unicycle and I believe this is cited in the patent so its well know that those things existing prior: http://focusdesigns.com/sbuv3/
  2. Also, that behavior where the pedals tilt way back seems to match the overload behavior I see with my glide2.. so I think you are correct. BTW, you can disable those annoying voice messages in the app (at least for the glide2) thank god.
  3. Are you sure it was overpowering and not overheating?
  4. Yes, thinking about it might, this solution will probably work for everyone: - power button is instant off, but only at low speed. - power button does nothing at all at high speeds (just like most models today) No need to long press or wait at all in this scenario.
  5. I see. Good idea. So it seems like an instant shutdown feature is acceptable at this slow speed? If so, perhaps all power buttons work this way, so I don't need to hold up pedestrian traffic on my commute while I long press my power button. Of you are about on or off an escaltor during rush hour a 2 second pause can be really annoying the rider and others around them.
  6. Hmm.. that fact they this website is clearly trying to pretend to be the official one is a good enough reason for me not to use them I think.
  7. What about the V8's handle shutoff? If you grab that while riding presumably it will shut down the wheel right? Otherwise it wouldn't me much good to carrying it up stairs.
  8. But when I press the button while the the wheel is spinning I really do want to it to stop! Many many times I've lifted the wheel to early and it starts spinning out of control. I want to turn it off in this case.. and I want to turn it off fast. Placing it down the floor can sometimes work but it can result in the wheel kicking and bucking and skidding as it comes back into contact with the ground.. so normally I just end up waiting for the wheel to accelerate to stop speed and shut itself down. This is not a good user experience and its not necessary. I want to power button to do i
  9. Does anyone have any experience ordering direct from ips: https://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/product/ips-i5-electric-unicycle/. Is this their actual site?
  10. I don't buy that changing the button from "long press" to "short press" introduces a new failure point. Weather or not a power button can fail by being rusty/old/wet/loose (I should hope none of these) is independent of whether its is a "long press" or "short press" that triggers the shut down. If you really think that instant shutoff buttons are so terrible to you also think that the in-motion handle switch is dangerous idea?
  11. Thanks, I hadn't seen that review before. I have to disagree with you on that point. EUC's do not all require this. It was a "feature" introduced a year or so ago (the MCM2 didn't have it for example) and seems have become commonplace. People seem to think it prevents accidental shutdown but I will disagree: When was the last time to came close to touching the power button while riding? At least for me, it just doesn't happen. There are actually two things that KS and gotway will do which (I think) they justified by this argument: (1) Force to to hold the button for a
  12. Quick question: Is the power on/off instant or do you have to press and hold of a second or more to power it up/down? I get annoyed with gotway/kingsong wheels that there is a delay. It causes issues in crowds when trying to go from riding the carrying and back (i.e. stairs) and detracts from the elegance of riding.
  13. Is there a particular reason you are selling this wheel? When I tried it I tough it was a great wheel, so just wondering why you won't want to hold onto it.
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