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  1. I got it apart because I expected a pulled wire but everything looks correct. The biggest hurdle was the nut on the axle with the cable running through it. And I'm poor and I've accepted how hard it tried to kill me when it died. I want to bring it back.
  2. Bump. I'm in the same boat. I'm going to give it a go in the morning. Probably a broken wire. It face planted me so hard. Like, ow.
  3. Oh yeah, only 4... Try 2 miles. Haha but yeah, ship the fella [or me] a charger..
  4. I never used padding when I was learning. My legs and shins were in so much pain. I wear hard toe boots and my falls always ended with one knee making contact with the ground. I didn't know shin splints were a real thing or that shin splints cause pain. I have a super high pain tolerance so I brushed it off, riding everyday since it arrived two months ago (almost). If I could do it over then I would have bought lower leg padding. Now? Maybe those ankle supports.
  5. Right, I understand the mechanics of it... When gravity grabs hold, the euc always lands first and then I land on the pedals. I can't seem to grasp it any more than I always do..
  6. Bump. I'm having a hard time hopping or jumping up... I don't want to use a strap but I guess I could give it a go. I'm a confident 14" rider with two months experience but fear I may be too weak.
  7. If my euc had speakers, this would be the logical choice.
  8. That Shrek clip was hilarious.
  9. The sound I'm trying to recreate is: Baseball Card in Rear Bicycle Spokes held on by a clothes pin -- sound effect. Dirt bike / motorcycle sound effect. Attempt #1: Laminated card stock. Which has since fallen away to leave just plastic. I slipped the laminate into the crevice and hot glued it. Attempt #2: I tried using a soda can but cannot get it to stay put against the case lip. I just had an idea to put the can INSIDE the case on top dead center.
  10. "I stay prepared: carry a pocketknife, pepper spray, flashlight, everything like that every single day. I used the pepper spray as he was attacking me,” Gregory said. I don't carry any of that... heh. But I also don't live in Denver. Hope the witness comes forward.
  11. Hello all. I know the speed of the TG-T3 isn't head turning or anything, but I'm having a blast riding! Found a short path that connects two roads to get me home faster: https://youtu.be/OYZuIuTv2Wo
  12. The sound was from the tire tube needle. It's pretty much resolved. Still experimenting with the baseball card spoke sound.
  13. I was mentally preparing a trip to find a monster in the woods. Pick up a life straw and carry it with you for future rides. Great story. Now turn it into a picture book!
  14. Second day riding the TG-T3.
  15. Refreshing euc tracking number over and over and over and over. 

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