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  1. Yes.. change the board.. I had the same situations.. got mine half of june, but gotway sended me a new bard too.. although never had any troube I did swap the boards.. Just to be sure. I know of one that had no issues but after 200Km it suddenly hit him. So better safe then sorry.. It is not hard to do, it is just the nasty silicones.. and don't forget the Bluetooth module.. (I nearly did.. just noticed it as I was comparing both boards and I missed something on the new one :-))
  2. Here the same.. Msuper v3 s+ 1600 from the beginning of june.. Gotway even sended me a new Motherboard, although I had tested it also on various surfaces, never had a problem.. But because Gotway sended me the board I swapped them, just because it makes me feel 'better'.. Loving my ride, although the 1st and 2nd alarm are really close.. don't dare to go all the way to the 3th..
  3. On my ninebot I really had to place my feet correctly and move them from time to time, but now I have the MSuper and I must say that qua footing it is a completely different feel. No cramp or nasty feelings anymore. BTW I am riding with normal sneakers..
  4. Glad to see it seems to work @Marty Backe.. Thanks for your willing to take the risk and give us confidence !!
  5. Just a box with the board, a bag of screw and a tube of silicone... No instruction or any note on what to do with it :-) Just don't forget to remove the Bluetooth module from the old board and transfer it to the new one :-) I almost forgot... !!
  6. I have replaced my board with the one Gotway sended me, did a 15km ride to test all the various riding conditions and so far I haven't had any issues.. but I have to admit that I didn't have issues before. But changed the board just in case of as it might not hurt by doing so.. The silicone stuff is the toughest thing to remove I nearly forgot to transfer the Bluetooth module to the new board..
  7. I had no issues, but as they sended me the board I am replacing it right now and have the 'old' board as spare, probably will contact speedyfeet to have it reflashed.. Just to be safe My old board was numbered 170603034 vs new 170603080
  8. here is my sticker And the package received. Just need to get to the shop to get me some arctic silver cooling paste
  9. Yep...Got it shipped directly from gotway, so they had my address... 2017060 should be the production date according the serialnr. But have to admit that I have ridden it for 100km now and felt now issue.. but just to make sure I will change to my newly sent board..
  10. Just today I've received a package from Gotway with a new Montherboard, screws and pasta for my MSuper V3.. Never asked for it and never had an issue thus far, driven 100km on it, but I think to be sure I will replace the board. Guess I'll drive with absolute care after the change .. But at least Gotway is trying to solve the issues, but no note with it.. just the board :-) I'll have a close look if I can see any changes visual or that it is only the firmware that is different..
  11. Looking at the video of @Marty you clearly could hear a beep before it cuts off. so it is a software based action, then it makes sense what @em1barns states.. Current limit cutoff routine is too tight .. Thus it makes sense that it isn't related to the wheelcode but rather the productiondate and flash date of the board.. I hope that, if the distributers have their flashing tools, the current wheels can be flashed to the 'correct' firmware and everybody can start to enjoy the wheel.. As mentioned before mine (MSuper V3 1600) is produced 170609 and I am not able to reproduce the error.. Al
  12. Perhaps somebody, that can replicate the problem on low speeds, try the different ride modes. Perhaps it is only the hardest mode that creates the problem as suggested earlier..
  13. In regards of the comments given to Jason by Gotway how reliable is the comment that the batch of the 1st thru the 15th is the only affected batch.. Based on my serial I should be safe but still I still trying all kind of things to get it to oscillate.. Not that I want to but I it is all about building confidence I thing :-) I hope that all affected wheel will get resolved soon and that everybody can get their confidence back and ride the wheel the way you love it..
  14. I think that if you have an 'older' wheel with a new MB and you got the oscillations, you might conclude that all problems are caused by the MB or the firmware that is on the MB. I still think it is the firmware as the MB probably hasn't changed, except for the 12 mosfet change (but these are parallel connected I believe)
  15. Sorry to hear Marty!! Can you tell me more about how you got the oscillations?.. The reason is that I have received my MSuper 1600 3 days ago and I am worried, but I can't tell if I have an affected wheel.. I have driven 35Km total under all kinds of conditions but mine is still solid. But nevertheless I am not 100% confident!! Wheel code 1705 and serial 170609 Hope you'll get well soon and are able to drive the new machine after having it fixed, hopefully soon..
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