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  1. At WheelzWorld.com site we can see a call about new Monster, it is white color. And is in “pre order”.
  2. I not agree that to give a tilt back need power. In my theory the wheel create a virtual vertical vector to be the reference when passive position, after you change this angle between vertical reference the wheel will accelerate or disaccelerate. For me the tilt back is only a modification of this vector that don’t consume any power. And, maybe psychologicaly we stop to force forward. My first wheel is a Airwheel X8 then I run all the time at max speed against tilt, it’s an exercise. Than running with Monster, my second wheel, I turn-off all settings and set sport. I have never problems in high speeed, often touch 45 kph, only felt at low speed through obstacles. The last one I had a problem with control board and sent to Dion. But already bought other board from China. I hope my engine did not give a problem. Two motor cables stick by heat but did not short-circuit Any body knows a way to see if the motor is ok? Maybe with a voltimeter? Amperimeter? In parallel I ordered a GW Tesla from GWAmerica. As I am in Brazil, it will take time to arrive. who have two wheels, have one ever.
  3. Even turning off all alarms and tilt, Monster whistle warning speed limit at 50 km/h. I thought that the wheel were with some problem than I turn on the app and confirmed 50 km/h. But after read this forum I'll take more care.
  4. This is the only way to install a handle, my Monster is 1600 than I move the battery to back side and cut the horn base, fixing it below the motherboard. As you can see I go to work by Wheel, using the subway. It was impossible without handle. By the way I fell last week, and Monster become crazy, I sent the motherboard to Lion (MyFunWheel), and as I can't stand without wheel (my second wheel is a Airwheel X8), I've already bought a GotWay Tesla 1020. I'm anxious.
  5. I installed a handle by myself. My Monster is 1600, I moved left battery to back side, cut the horn base, move the horn to other point and install the handle. I go to the job using subway and without handle would be impossible.
  6. I've had my monster for 11 months. Since I took it, I turned off all the alarms and tilt back and used it as a sport set. I read this forum only today. My life depends on the motherboard. Is it the case that I'm at 50 km / h and Monster simply hangs up?
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