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  1. Ok but if the gyro is turn 180 isn't the Mini Pro than essentially exactly the same as it was before you turned stuff around. Switch the motors around so forward is backwards and then the gyro so forward is backwards and then the whol thing -- hold on ok as I'm typing this is starting to click lol.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong about this for sure but if you simply swapped the motors over and stood on the Mini as per normal wouldn't leaning forward make you go backwards and leaning backwards make you go forwards and left is right and right is left? If you swapped the motors and stood on in reverse and leaned forward which is really backwards the Mini goes forward but the limits are in tact because the as far as the device is concerned you are still going forward. Swapping would not give the desired effect especially if what you end up with is a min that goes forward while thinking it is going backwards but you have to lean back to go ahead that would be seriously counter intuitive.
  3. I fell off once. Now sure why exactly but I think it was because I hit some loose gravel. There was a transport truck come up the road right in front of me. Scary stuff.
  4. I wonder if one of those retractable keychains would work? Or something similar? or a retractable dog leash!!
  5. You know all of this would be so much better if the Mini Pro just didn't tilt back at all. If it just got up to 17.5kmh and stayed at that speed rather than tilting back it would be great. The tilt back slows you down so much and then you need to get back up to speed again only to get slowed down again.
  6. The beeping can be resolved, at least a couple of us have "fixed" it. Not for the faint of heart but very effective.
  7. Thanks guys! (I mean that in the gender-neutral sense of the word lol) I kinda figured the sound was normal but wanted confirmation. Meanwhile, the only other noise I hear is a rattling sound from the pull-up handle vibrating, has anyone solve this annoyance?
  8. I was wondering if it's normal for the Mini Pro to make a high pitched electrical type sound? I figured it is just the sound of the motors running, actually I hardly notice it as it is not loud at all, but I was wondering if you could explain the sounds your makes when it is running just to see if I hear the same things?
  9. I have over 100 km logged and have never had a max speed over 17.6.
  10. As of yet, due to the weather here, I haven't been able to be out on my MP long enough to get thirsty but I would love to know how people have added the water bottle holders to theirs.
  11. So I got the max speed back up to 17.5 by simply letting the kids ride around slowly in the house :-)