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  1. Just signed up, felt I had to be there for the first ever LA games. @Marty Backe thank you for all the time and energy your putting into this. I am so looking forward to touring your town with you as our guide. I’m working on building my speed and endurance up to the requirements for the rides. Going from 12-13 mph to 20 - 23 mph no problem, increasing distance from 20 miles to 50 miles will take time. @Rama Douglas I would also add a huge thanks to you and I’m guessing your wife for organizing this First ever Event. I am curious if their might be any categories or restrictions on Wheels. In
  2. What version of FW are you currently using?
  3. Psices


    I don't know what impressed me most about this video. The maneuvering skills, the spontaneous circles, the rock steady camera angle, or the audio track (listen to it with headphones, pretty sure I heard Zeplin). I sure do like the style (black on black (Tesla) with a little red accent on the pads) nice. I would like to make that ride someday.
  4. Enough said. I am very pleased to be part of this community. PS My wheel and I are back on "beeping" terms.
  5. Skip to the bottom if your not into reading. Wow, I've let someone over 4,000 miles away and a very respected member of the EUC community affect me. Please allow me to give my point of view. As I use my wheels for golfing and cleaning up. I mount and dismount very often. My first wheel (V3pro) allowed me to do this without alerting people around me. My second wheel (KS-16s) also was silent and quicker to re-balance. My third wheel (IPS I5) does not. It alarms and has to be restarted. I have been wondering since I got it why this alarm is needed. I have been following many thread
  6. My curiosity has got the best of me. What is the purpose of a warning/alarm when a wheel is on its side?
  7. Marty, Thanks for the video and impressions. Respectfully, Patrick
  8. Marty, Please allow me to detail my interest. I am an avid golfer who generally walks while hunting for my golf ball. Last January I came across a video of a guy using a "mini-pro" while playing golf and instantly thought "this could be the better way". My research then led me to Electric Unicycles and Jason McNeil. I now own four (Thank you Jason) wheels. I currently use my 16S for on-course transportation. Allow me to explain. After paying for golf (cart included, I usually put my bag in the cart) and getting the approval from the Golf Course staff (Pro or Course Superintendent)
  9. I would like to know more about the 4 beeps when lying it on its side. How loud are the beeps? How long do they go? Can the beeps be turned off? and could they be muffled? Could you show me an example? Thanks,
  10. I have a few questions related to the Mten3. If you lay it on its side while on, will it free wheel? If you lay it on its side while on, will it stay on without an alarm sounding? If you tip it back-up from lying on its side can you step on and ride away? If so, is their any delay before you can ride away? Can the 10x3 wheel handle a ride through golf course quality turf?
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