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  1. Milli Zhao


    King Song Dealer and KS-14S 1547709417709.mp4
  2. Hi @sreejith, this is Flora, international sales of King Song. May I know if the wheel issue had solved?
  3. Hi @Marty Backe, sorry for that. BTW, you are very handsome in this photo
  4. Hi @Marty Backe, hi everyone, I reported the issue to engineers today, got below solution: 1. our electric unicycle batteries are with over charge protect function inside, similar to mobile, normally won't have any problem even charge 48hours or longer time (even over charge constantly). 2. when the voltage shows on App over 69v, there will be buzzer or voice notice"over voltage" 3. when voltage shows on App above 69v, pls do as follow: 1)record the real voltage shows on App, 2) open the e-unicycle, use a multimeter to check the voltage of the battery packs, 3) compare the two voltage dates, if the gap exceed 0.5v, then need to replace the mainboard. If the gap within 0.5v, no need to care, just restart the device, voltage will turn to normal. 4. if there is over voltage problem, it's not casued by over charge, it's caused by components on mainboard functionally, in fact it's was components influenced unnormally by environment (return the mainbaord to factory to replace the components can fix the problem ) @Marty Backe, can you check the voltage of the battery packs and tell me the datas? Thanks.
  5. Hi, replied your email with solution to solve the problem. Pls kindly check the email.
  6. Thanks for you understanding, support and advices. I would report your advices to company, and push company make better expressions on the APP
  7. Hi @Smoother, very sorry for the aftersales problem you've suffered. I come to KingSong at the end of Feb 2017. And then experienced some bad problems cased by upgrade of EUC or spare parts or firmware or APP, like new motors axis increase the thickness, and old motors out of stcok to service old EUC. It's frustrated, to end users, and then to us sales. However, there had been some riders suffered some accidents due to axis broken( Maybe you've heard of). We manufacturer can't control riders the way they ride, the only we can do is to improve the quality, make our EUC safer. That's why KingSong don't offer old axis any more. To be safer but more cost, or to take risk of fall, I think most people will choose the first one, am i right? I don't know how KingSong make decisions in the past, but dring the nearly one year I'm here, before every big decison, we had sent emails to agents ask for commets and suggestions. Sorry things work out seems still not perfect, we are doing best to improve, and will keep on. Hope you can understand, and be more patient. You encouragement is our driving force. Thank you
  8. Thank you Sir. Yep, I believe most of us have the same good wish in this Forum, hope all come true.
  9. Tks,@Keith, Why you don't think it is not King Song but some distributors made the video?!
  10. If you want to do business in the west learn good western business practices?! Yes,This is definitely a correct philosophy,except all the swearing!!!
  11. If you want to do business in the west learn good western business practices?! Yes,This is definitely a correct philosophy,except all the swearing!!!
  12. @Marty Backe,Hi,Marty.How r u today? Yes it depends on each different individual. My 10 year old nephew started from My 16s and he seems don't like 14 inch at all. However,My sister she says 14D is much easier to control.For me I started from 14D also,It did not take a lot effort to get used to the feelings, later on ......16S much heavier feels much stable,That's true. That's the best to you as far as it fits you well?!
  13. Hi, dear @Marty Backe, thanks for your attention. Don't you think 14' is easier for learn than 16', 16' is easier to control than 18'? Normally only when we are very experienced on unicycles, can we master the 18'. That's why we say 14' most suit for entry level, 18' for experienced riders. On the other hand, it's true that many clients first buy 14', then upgrade to 16', then 18'. What do you say? May I know what you've observed?
  14. Dear @KingSong69, sorry pls ignore the notice since obviously you've read the previous one already. This time I was sent to people who may missed read last time. As recently I contacted some new clients, they seems still don't know this notice. Yes I understand you guys feel unhappy about exclusive's high price, expecially in europe. But do you know why their price is so high? Why we don't support people buy KingSong brand from Aliexpress? I can answer you one by one. 1.If you do some research on tax, you can find europe tax is very very high, and europe agents offer good aftersales, thus contribute to high retail price. 2.Have you heard of aftersales condition of aliexpress shops? Very few of them provide reasonable aftersale for foreign cients! That's why they can offer lower price. I myself had received many aftersale complaints from aliexpress buyers. KingSong factory registered KingSong brand for intermantional market , KS Brand only for domestic market. As international business cost is much higher than domestic, marketing/ certificates/ licences/ labor....lead to different pricings. KingSong is a company owns global service system, to make this system healthy and ordered and every customer buy what he wants and get reasonable aftersales are our goals. Hope you can understand. Thank you for your caring and support.
  15. Don't know #HowToRideTheElectricUnicycle?Don't know how to guide your clients learn #ElectricUnicycle?Come on, follow us, so easy!#EasyLearningElectricUnicycle #KingSong
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