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  1. Hi, duaner, we have a dealer in San Antonio, TX. Please see the following information. Michael Vu Email: info@electricglider.com Website: http://www.electricglider.com/
  2. Models( from 14'' to 18S) made before June have " Hello King Song" starting up sound, models made now have no more this sound.
  3. I mean the whole body of the EUC, about paint and sticker, it is up to customers, the price is the same USD73/piece
  4. Hey, Adel, there is no difference between the back and front when riding, and the lights change automatically.
  5. Good news!!! I have a good news to tell all of you that King Song accepts customers' colors and pictures for making beautiful and unique models now! You just need to provide the colors and high pixel pictures, and King Song will make the models just like you want. Very exciting news!!! right? Please check the detailed information in the attachment. If you want to have your own style models, welcome to contacting me. If any questions, please let me know. Thanks and all the best in the future. KS Color EUC Pre-order list.xls
  6. Which KS model are you riding?
  7. I think 2000Wh batteries mean more fast speed, which also mean more dangerous for customers. King Song must consider the safety of customers.
  8. Thanks for your message. We already have a exclusive dealer in Russia, so you can buy it directly from him. It is a very eco-friendly tool when going out. Our dealer's website is www.ecodrift.ru
  9. I am sad to hear this news. Hope you are better now. As far as I know, King Song, Inmotion and Gotway are the top three electric unicycles manufacturers. Solowheel is not so popular to customers now. King Song considers the customers' safety to be the most important thing, which deserves your trust.
  10. KS-18S: The top speed is 40km/h after being unlocked with ISN code. When you ride over 1000km, then you can set to highest speed 50km/h.
  11. @RideMc KS-18S is more powerful than KS-18A. I recommend you to buy a KS-18S instead.
  12. Dear duaner, thank you. If any problems, please feel free to ask me
  13. The pedal of KS-16S is made of magenium alloy, which is more sturdy and durable. The black thing on the top of it is designed to be anti-slippery. The riding feeling is more comfortable.
  14. Dear Jesus, thanks so much for your smart idea. I will talk to our engineers about it.
  15. Yes, customers ideas are very important to our design
  16. Glad to hear you are OK. Be careful when going out next time.
  17. Very excellent ideas. Thanks so much. I will reflect to our research department.
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