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  1. The sale did go through I didn't get his email till I got home I work early and I mailed the wheel on the way home as I told him I was gonna do the night before and the buyer said thanks for the update, I would not have mailed it knowing first I don't just wake up and the first thing is to check for emails I saw the message when I was emailing the tracking number then I read his email.
  2. What you fail to realize is that I emailed you every step of the way and told you I will mail it in the morning, I have a job and a life so I didn't get your email till I got back home after that is was already in the mail I have no reason to scam you by sell you a working machine the I sold for $750 and have to pay about $300 dollar to ship from Alabama to Canada look it up there is no cheaper options next you filed a claim before even getting the item and want a full refund, you would need to ship it back to me as the way I shipped it to you for me the be able to give you refund fair is fair and you are being unreasonable!
  3. After all of this mess that wheel was too good for this I wish I'd of kept my wheel!
  4. Oh and when I do charge the battery it does hold a charge sometimes I didn't ride for a week and the charge I left on there be the same as I left it and always has.
  5. Yeah I think the charger maybe be on the weak side but I sold a quality wheel that I was riding till the day I sold it.
  6. Well the guy issued a dispute with PayPal say he got the item not described as advertised and he received it damaged but I just mailed it to Canada today so...
  7. My bad I was angry because I thought you was with that guy that is trying to scam me
  8. It might be that because it's the highest that charger has charge it and when I ride it I go about 45 miles before I get it down to 20% so the battery definitely hold a charge
  9. I figured that when he is asking for a refund and he didn't even receive the item yet
  10. You are lying you offered $150 for shipping when I paid $300 you bought this machine for $750 and I paid $300 for shipping.. you and any else are running a scam! And trying to get a refund and I don't have the machine is underhanded and dirty this is why I shouldn't be kind to people!
  11. No your wrong I bought like this and the machine is 3 years old any battery pack after a while will have voltage loss and I ride this machine with my life on the line for a year without any issues stop trolling
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