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  1. Hello. My hands reached the elite. But I am tormented by the question, does anyone know what the maximum speed set depends on? On some devices, you can set a maximum of 20 km / h, and on some 22 km / h, but I still find it difficult to find a dependency.
  2. MRN76

    PTR Elite max speed

    A few months ago, I badly injured my knee and elites - this is the only thing I can ride.
  3. Connect the programmer to your computer, on the board several diodes should light up and flash. Try to connect a mobile phone on bluetooth. If all is well, then check the solder swdio/swclk
  4. Solder the power on the other side of the capacitor. Check the quality of the soldering.
  5. Thank you for the review!
  6. Hey. I usually answer everyone. But not always immediately (during the day)
  7. Disassemble the steering wheel sensor and turn over the magnets. Thereby you invert the steering wheel.
  8. My telegramm https://t.me/mrn762
  9. NineTool - Program for changing the model of the euc 9bot. Program Description in Spanish Supports models C/C+/E/E+/P Supports models A1/B1/S2/Turbo(The secret model with increased power and a maximum speed of 30km/h) Supports models Z6/Z8/Z10 To change the model, you need an activation code, you can get it from me, you need to send a screenshot of the program screen on the example as in the screenshot below Download EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH YOUR DEVICE, YOU DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Described in this topic may reduce the security of your device, and no one except you is not responsible for the execution of actions mentioned in the post.
  10. MRN76

    Battery 1 password incorrect? Ninebot one s2

    Hi. If there is a programmer st-link v2, I can tell you what to do.
  11. The guys from Spain made a detailed description of the program's capabilities, thank them very much for the work done! Link
  12. 26 km / h is the official limit. It is written in the native firmware.
  13. MRN76

    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    E+ 22kmh P 25kmh P+ hight speed on - Maximum that can motor and battery
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    E+ Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years!

    No facebook. http://mrn76.ru/index.php/contact
  15. Fee must be sent to Russia. Firmware costs 35$ USA. Sending from Russia to your country costs ~ 40$ USA. My contacts are listed on my site. This forum has personal messaging problems.
  16. You can send board, I will flashed it and send it back. Shipping is paid by you.
  17. I repeat to all. If you hear the beeps, the wheel does not just issue them. No need to accelerate when they sound. It may be dangerous. And be sure to wear protective gear!
  18. In some well-known companies, this is how the maximum speed is calculated.
  19. The A1 / S2 wheel has an idle speed of 45 km / h with a voltage of 62 volts. There is a limit that will not allow the wheel to accelerate to 100% and leaves 25% of power for reserve. You can check the maximum speed depending on the voltage, let's say at 56 volts the idle speed will be 45/62 * 56 = ~ 40 km/h per 25% power reserve 40 * 0.75 = 30 km / h, with such speed you can go on a half-discharged battery ( The limit is like on many wheels, but the ninebot squeezed it tightly in the firmware). I apologize for the translation
  20. I stopped selling chips on ebay. Not everyone was able to solder it.
  21. Idling on a fully charged battery is about 81.5km / h, fully charged - roughly 59 volts. The firmware has a hard limit for power reserve of 25%. Total we get, if the battery was 50% (roughly 52 volts) 81.5 * 59/52 * 0.75 = ~ 54 km / h Ie, the engine of the Z10 half-discharged battery will be able to overclock the raider up to 54km/h. In this case, idling will be equal to 81.5 / 59 * 52 = ~ 72km / h (the speed of promotion of the motor without a rider, let's say when the wheel is raised) PS. No raise the wheel to check the idle. There were cases of combustion of the controller (it does not depend on, modified firmware or original, just it is better not to do this)
  22. I do not advise you to set a limit above 55km / h.
  23. I was first asked to do 50 km / h. Then they asked to make 55kmch. And in order not to make another firmware, I made one with switching models. Now I am developing the firmware so that everyone can set the desired limit (But it’s hard, I don’t know when I’ll finish the job)
  24. Hey. I'm a little busy right now, write me a telegram mrn762. Is there any error in the wheel when connecting a native application?