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  1. In mini pro, the maximum speed of the motors is about 32 km / h, to get the speed more, then you need to flash s-max
  2. Yes, you can change the server. But the problem is that the firmware is encrypted. And the encryption key is not known.
  3. The password is stored in the BLE module, it can be read by the st-link v2 programmer
  4. http://mrn76.ru/NineTool.rar Hello. in russia there were complaints about the BMS version 1.1.7 and they asked me to roll back to version 1.1.6. I have implemented this in my application (NinetoolBeta). You need to connect to the wheel (There should be no password on the wheel), select BMS1_1.1.6 or BMS2_1.1.6 and press flash fw. This update is free. Everything that you do is at your own peril and risk.
  5. I am aware of this problem. we have a lot of devices in russia broken. I made a separate thread on this issue. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/19557-ninebot-mini-plus-s-plus-repair/
  6. Unfortunately, there the processor is protected from reading.
  7. We have flashed for a mini pro in a S-MAX, and go-kart in a go-kart PRO lamborghini.
  8. Download ninetool, use beta version. After that my program will detect the device as a plus. Get key sn, Click on the sheets and send me the data. I also need your old serial number. After that I will generate the code for you. Enter the code, serial number, check the box to the right and press Set model. Next, to work, activate the device through the standard application, go through the training, drive 1 km and remove the speed limit. I rarely visit the forum. Better write to me by telegram or mail.
  9. Hello. I haven't visited this forum for a long time. In the latest update, the ninebot made a mistake and many segways broke. I can help with this, but it requires a usb-ttl converter and an android phone. If you have version BLE 1.0.1 or 1.0.0, then only an android phone is enough. The problem is that the device memory is cleared and the serial number is set to N4MEA1701A0001, with this serial number the device cannot be activated. Orange connect to 5v, blue to gnd, yellow to Rx, white to Tx. com port should be 1-9. Double click to select your com port a
  10. You can write me a letter again. I usually reply to everyone within 5-12 hours.
  11. If anyone is interested, I made a more extreme firmware. It has a speed limit of 25.5 km/h and power is greatly raised. But this firmware is not for children and not for beginners. I rarely go to the forum, it is better to write to me by mail or telegram. There is also firmware for karting. The speed of karting on the original engines is 30-32km/h. We are also trying to remake the engines so that the speed in go-kart mode is 37-40 km / h, but the had to be suspended due to the virus.
  12. Swallow and other firmware will be in error with this battery. If the company is interested, then in Russia they can make BMS for these batteries. The minimum lot will be 25 pieces.
  13. mini/pro/offroad battery 55v, mini lite battery 36v. +Different connector layout
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