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  1. Hi, I'm selling my Airwheel X3: a 1€ starting bid auction! Auction on ebay
  2. Vogelfrei

    Pedal assisted Euc!

    So now should seek for anyone who tried this: I need a new firmware or at least a firmware and a guide to learn modding it... next days I'll try to tear apart aiwheel and look at it. I'll need help choosing what save and what leave
  3. Vogelfrei

    Pedal assisted Euc!

    Need to look for a strain gauge using cogs or the axle. I don't have a chain tensioner. I can use it with the axle 'cause of pedals aren't fixed togheter to the wheel axle. They're linked trought 2 different chains to the wheel
  4. Vogelfrei

    Pedal assisted Euc!

    Hi, I own a airwheel x3 and a geared unelectric unicycle: a Huni rex I'm looking for help using the airwheel motor to have the Huni-rex (about a 43" virtual wheel) pedal assist just to climb hills, to downhill and regen battery, to keep idling effortless and to help me starting to pedal from a stop. Don't absolutely need it to go faster. Would you help me with my new idea?
  5. Vogelfrei

    Help me choosing

    Thank you Esaj. I understand that 40km range are too much for a featherweight EUC. I'm totally oriented towards IPS zero340 or MCM4 340. Now it's a matter of price and understand what's the correct weight for MCM4. I read MCM4 max weight 12,5 kg... so if it speaks about max weight with biggest batteries I can even look for 600wh models. Any experience with IPS zero of MCM4? EDIT: Read your answer... now I must look for an IPS zero (I found an offer for MCM4... but now IPS is my choice!)
  6. Vogelfrei

    Help me choosing

    Kingsong and rockwheel too heavy. I need to choose IPS zero or Gotway MCM4 340wh. I cannot find exact weight for 340 MCM
  7. Vogelfrei

    Help me choosing

    I need info about batteries and motors for: IPS zero Rockwheel 16 Gotway MCM2 (dunno exactly which model) Have you any suggestions (while I look at respectives offical brands' site)?
  8. Vogelfrei

    Help me choosing

    Nice sheet! I'm starting reading it! I'll find the answer
  9. Vogelfrei

    Help me choosing

    <12.5 kg and 30 km range with 25 km/h?
  10. Vogelfrei

    Help me choosing

    I bought a used Airwheel X3 while learning and I'm ready to upgrade. I cannot find any EUC comparative table and I'm looking for these specs: 1) weight: MAX 12.5kg (27.5lb) 2) range>40 km for a 82kg (182lb) man (flat, 20km/h average) 3) Speed: at least 25-30 km/h (17-18 mph) for my weight 4) 14" or bigger Could you help me?