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  1. Demian B

    Creaky Monster

    I've owned my Monster for a year and 4 months. I believe it has about 1400 miles. The control board was replaced when I had 500 miles and that reset the odometer to 0. It now has 900 miles which I believe is a truthful record since the reset. I say that because I've seen my other Gotway wheel, an MSuperV3S+, display an inaccurate odometer reading. I ride mostly on pavement but probably on gravel or grass 10% of the time. I might go off a curb once per ride and often go 20 miles or greater each trip. I do, however, grab the handle to make landings a little softer. I will try to post a video from my phone so that y'all can hear the creak, but last time I tried to do that, I encountered problems. Thanks for input guys! Although I don't contribute very often, I visit this forum frequently. In my town of 250, 000, I've only ever seen one other on an EUC. I'm a little concerned about eScooters coming to town because the mayor has publicly expressed that he strongly opposes them and would have them banned. I can only imagine that my device might be more scrutinized by police if this happens. So far, I've had a friendly relationship with cops because I'm respectful of road traffic, bike path users, pedestrians, and I'm always well lit.
  2. Demian B

    Creaky Monster

    Do deformed axle shims on the Gotway Monster cause the wheel to creak when accelerating and braking? I've had my shims replaced before and I think they are failing because I do notice a familiar short lag or gap sometimes when I accelerate. I don't remember the odd creaking sound, however. I'll be taking the covers off this weekend to do some inspection.
  3. Maybe so while your feet have some bearing on the pedals, but if your airborne because your wheel quit after pushing it too hard, I don’t think your center of gravity matters much. Having your hands and arms in a more ready position for impact with the road would be better I think. I’ll admit it does look cool and more aerodynamic. Now that it’s colder where I live, I think about how, with my hands in my jacket pockets, If something goes wrong, I might hit the road like that. Not enough time to pull my hands out and reduce the impact.
  4. I would say max accelerating with hands behind the back is a bad idea.
  5. Maybe a misplaced comment/suggestion, but Ilya, could you possibly add an audible sound through my headphones when I hit my dangerous speed warning (all warnings optional, I suppose)?
  6. This is sweet, sweet news and it warms my heart!
  7. Hey, that’s my home town! Maybe he moved out to California. I’ve never crossed paths with him in my EUC travels.
  8. Doesn't that triple beep make you nervous? I appreciate the leaf wake. I've been looking behind as I wheel through fresh leaf covered paths just to see the wake myself.
  9. I can only speak for the V1 OneWheel, but there is a tiltback when you reach a certain speed (15-18mph) where if you lean back quickly to confirm you got the message and then power forward, you can "push thru" the high speed warning and achieve absolute top speed before catastrophy. Some claim you can manually balance the board momentarily at that moment and save a nosedive. I don't know that this is true as I tried not to flirt on the precipice. There is no other way the top speeds claimed (if true) could be achieved without a technique like this because we all had the same firmware and the tiltback occurs at the same speed for all of us in the selected shaping ("Extreme"). As far as cut-outs related to the sensor side foot coming off the board, you have about a second where you can disengage both weight sensors before the motor cuts and the wheel effectively brakes. I believe once you apply pressure to both sensors pre-landing, the motor engages almost instantly. Firmware updates seem to have caused the wheel to overspin in the air so that on landing there's a bit of a wheelie or rearing that's unsettling even if you become accustomed to it.
  10. I cringe reading of your brother's misfortune. I have a couple of Onewheels. Last summer, I was going top speed on a bumpy sidewalk and fell off injuring my wrists and a calf muscle. Ever since, I've had a hard time trusting it. I feel so much more comfortable on my Gotway EUCs. I have 1000 miles under my belt now and though I've yet to fall, I progressively wear more safety gear. I haven't researched this, but I suspect falls from a device where feet are perpendicular to direction of travel pose greater injury risk than when feet are inline with heading. I still think Onewheels are wonderous, but next to a Gotway, there's no contest.
  11. Demian B

    Gotway 22"

    You bought a Grom while your Monster was out of commission and I bought an MSuper while mine was. I've finally got my Monster back it seems Joey's shim fix worked! Thanks Joey & Jason!
  12. I think you nailed it when you said you're more comfortable on the KS. I believe that plays a big part in your results. Who among us knows the full capabilities of either wheel in terms of max acceleration. I don't know how that limit could be realized without being willing to faceplant.
  13. I laughed out loud both times I watched the part where you whiz by with arms crossed and tilted just so. ?? Was that an homage to Run DMC?
  14. That was me! Fortunately, the problem hasn't occurred for a few weeks now. It still puts a seed of doubt in my mind, though. I haven't wheeled without elbow pads since the hiccups first appeared ?. I should add that I've never really rode off on the wheel immediately after powering up and the hiccups still happened.
  15. You seem to be excusing your cavalier riding style because others disregard Greenway rules. I like chaos as well but would not take those risks. My point was that you've posted this video on a prominent forum showing highly inadvisable technique. It's important to let others know that you're a trained professional and bystanders in your video are actors.
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