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  1. Thanks Hansolo! That's exactly what I needed.
  2. I use Apple mostly but I'll see if one of my old android devices can load the eucworld app. Thanks for the tip. I'm thinking that if I notch out the styrofoam block that holds the Sherman in place near where the power button is, I should be able to prevent any accidental power up, barring a complete penetration of the box with good aim.
  3. Hello fellow wheelers! I'm really hoping some here can help me. I can't figure out how to reactivate Transportation Mode on the Sherman. I would like to explore Seattle and Santa Rosa on my Sherman in a couple weeks, but American Airlines won't allow it on the plane. I'll pay the $200 for FedEx to deliver it to Seattle from Wisconsin but I have to make it safe for shipping. I've found the setting in the onboard UI, "SLEEP 0" but can't seem to toggle it. Does anyone have the answer please?
  4. I also have the Leatt dual axis knee pads and will agree that they just do not stay in place. I may try Marty's idea of creating new holes for the latch to grab my calf in a better place. I also often go for my simpler ProTec pads. They seem to stay in place and are easier to put on.
  5. Great tone and attitude in this response. It was unfortunate to see this conflict between two who both seem interested in providing important information to the EUC community.
  6. There it is! “activation with charger for first use”. Thanks Null!
  7. Good evening y’all. I’ve searched long enough, and I’m very anxious. Would someone please tell me how to turn on my brand new Sherman? I thought I heard of some simple way to exit transportation mode but I’ve run out of options.
  8. Thanks for posting this Denny. Even with thousands of miles under my belt, I find this useful. I'm sure there will be some new EUCers reading your suggestions that will benefit from your experience. I appreciate the time you put in to your post for the betterment of all EUC riders.
  9. I've owned my Monster for a year and 4 months. I believe it has about 1400 miles. The control board was replaced when I had 500 miles and that reset the odometer to 0. It now has 900 miles which I believe is a truthful record since the reset. I say that because I've seen my other Gotway wheel, an MSuperV3S+, display an inaccurate odometer reading. I ride mostly on pavement but probably on gravel or grass 10% of the time. I might go off a curb once per ride and often go 20 miles or greater each trip. I do, however, grab the handle to make landings a little softer. I will try to post a v
  10. Do deformed axle shims on the Gotway Monster cause the wheel to creak when accelerating and braking? I've had my shims replaced before and I think they are failing because I do notice a familiar short lag or gap sometimes when I accelerate. I don't remember the odd creaking sound, however. I'll be taking the covers off this weekend to do some inspection.
  11. Maybe so while your feet have some bearing on the pedals, but if your airborne because your wheel quit after pushing it too hard, I don’t think your center of gravity matters much. Having your hands and arms in a more ready position for impact with the road would be better I think. I’ll admit it does look cool and more aerodynamic. Now that it’s colder where I live, I think about how, with my hands in my jacket pockets, If something goes wrong, I might hit the road like that. Not enough time to pull my hands out and reduce the impact.
  12. I would say max accelerating with hands behind the back is a bad idea.
  13. Maybe a misplaced comment/suggestion, but Ilya, could you possibly add an audible sound through my headphones when I hit my dangerous speed warning (all warnings optional, I suppose)?
  14. This is sweet, sweet news and it warms my heart!
  15. Hey, that’s my home town! Maybe he moved out to California. I’ve never crossed paths with him in my EUC travels.
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