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  1. I'd love to try and make it out at least to meet some of you guys as I haven't meant anyone from this forum yet. Plus it would he great to check out that Z10. Only issue is all I have is the V8 so I definitely don't have the range,but at least Griffith park is really close to me.... ?
  2. Nice video! Was entertaining, informative and well put together. ?. Keep it up
  3. Took me probably about a month of pretty regular practice. Probably practiced about 25 mins for the first few days then up to maybe an hour by the second or third week. Probably took me around 15 hours or so before I would go outside of my warehouse. On the flip side I have a friend who learned in about 3 hours over half of a day's practice.
  4. Hmmm... one day I will make it out. Might be after I get a nice long range wheel.
  5. Looks really cool to me. Cant wait to see some video reviews.
  6. I went through the same issue with calibration when I got my V8. I believe I figured it out. What I did was set the pedal angle in the app to 0.0. I then used an actual level which I set on the pedals and pressed the handle button while physically rotating the wheel to level and then pressed the correction button in the app. This seemed to cause the wheel to sit level. I then adjusted the angle in the app to basically match the neutral position on my ninebot one since thats what I'm used to. Seemed to work for me because the wheel felt very odd and difficult to ride at first. After going through the above steps, it feels great now.
  7. Its definitely good insurance yo have some slime in your tires. Got some in my truck tires with great results. I used to constantly get nails and subsequently flat tires. Since using slime I rarely put air in my truck tires. Before I had to put air in at least once a week.
  8. Damn. I'm glad i got my V8 when i did. I hope the parts continue to be stocked.
  9. I say V8, but as a lighter guy you probably like either wheel. But i feel that the V8 is incredibly nimble, especially after learning on a ninebot 1. I personally cant imagine having a wheel that is more nimble than the V8. I say go for stability with the 16 inch wheel.
  10. Damn. Glad you were protected. Must totally suck getting such a nice wheel with that issue.
  11. Pretty much exclusively a leisure rider, but would like to do group rides some day. Maybe some tricks eventually as well.
  12. Congrats! I'm rooting for you guys. You gotta do what you love. I also appreciate you spreading the word. So many people have never even seen an EUC, therefore there is a ton of room for potential growth. The moment I first saw one I knew I would be getting one. Now I have 2 and if I had the time, I'd be getting one or two more for sure. Get the word out there and I'm sure you'll generate sales. Best of luck!!
  13. Both great options. Best bang for the buck is probably the V5 since you dont seem to need the range.
  14. Wow. Thats great for your first steps. I was nowhere near there at first. Probably took me a week to be that comfortable. Great work!
  15. I started on the minipro and now have 2 unicycles and while I prefer the unicycles most of the time, I still enjoy the minipro. I'd definitely get one for $500.
  16. Welcome to the forum. I too was bit by the bug not too long ago. I also have a V8 and love how agile and smooth it is. Sounds like you live in a great place, I'm a little jealous. My V8 is a couple of weeks old and I barely have 10 miles on it. Like Keith said, practice emergency maneuvers just in case. I try and practice mounting and dismounting while riding very slow just so I don't look dumb while waiting at stop lights. Idling is another good skill to practice (basically moving back and forth in one place without putting a foot down). I find that idling helps to improve your low speed balance big time. Enjoy!
  17. I've gotta work. . Have a safe ride! One of these days.
  18. The V8 isn't harder to mount. In fact, I find it easier because the wheel is quite tall and rests high up on my calves. Plus the pedals are super grippy, which I prefer. Overall stability is slightly in favor of the ninebot, but not by much. What is a huge difference is the turn in speed, or just overall agility. I definitely had to adjust my riding style. I used to scrape the pedals all the time and to be honest, I kinda got used to that. The V8 can turn much sharper and I've only scraped the pedals a couple of times and almost crashed because of it. I have to get used to not using the pedals as a sort of gauge for the lean angle. The V8 can turn very sharp without touching the pedals. Its definitely an upgrade in the power department. I still like the ninebot, but mine has had unexplained shut offs so I don't ride it very fast or far. I mainly use it to practice riding backwards. I definitely recommend the inmotion V8. That thing just feels solid, smooth, and super agile. Just take your time and adjust to it and you'll be fine.
  19. I second that. 300 plus shipping is a great deal. I started on a ninebot one and now have an inmotion V8, but I still enjoy the ninebot one and plan to keep it.
  20. Looking good! The better you get, the more fun it is
  21. Wow. What an amazing story! So glad everyone was ok, and you didnt have to leave your monster is a big plus. Thank you for sharing that. Now Ive got to get an ACM if Im going to do any crazy trail rides.
  22. I'm kinda in the same boat. While I wouldn't say I hate skateboards, ive always been more drawn towards bicycles. I would live to try one one day
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