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  1. Nice your off to a great start already riding around the oval that’s pretty . Once you start you can’t stop it’s an addiction. Make sure you wear safety gear.
  2. Hi Rad, I have a used V8 that has just over 1000km on it has few marks but nothing major still rides like new and almost looks new. I also have a Z10 with just over 400km on it probably a bit too heavy for what you want it for but one of the coolest looking wheels made so far. I'm in Sydney also since you have done a bit of research already if you are interested in any of the above 2 wheels make me an offer otherwise good luck in your future purchase and welcome to the world of EUC's.
  3. Thank you Jeffrey I have reached out and the charger is on its way to me and thanks to the advi e from everyone it's charging.
  4. Thanks for that I'll put it on the charger now can't wait to take it out for a spin.
  5. I just received my v10f after a month and to my disappointment there was no charger in the box and the battery is on like 10 percent. I have the v8 charger it looks like it can fit into the v10f charge port can I use this for now? Also last question can I use the version 7.06 on apple app has this been affected by the latest firmware woes. Thanking you guys in advance if you can answer at least the first question.
  6. Thanks @WARPed1701D I got it to work on wheellog finally.
  7. I did try and use wheellog the other day and it didn't work but I will follow these new instructions hopefully I can get it to work when I get home. On a good note I did get a reply finally from Inmotion so I will see how that goes also. Thanks @WARPed1701D for all your advice.
  8. Yes I am running version 8.0 and thanks for the information I will try wheellog when I get home appreciate your help, fingers crossed that it works.
  9. I have been trying to make contact with Inmotion for weeks now the following are all the email addresses I have used, I'll have to be honest Inmotion might make good wheels but the customer service is not a very good experience. The wheel is less than a year old and should still be covered under warranty. info@imscv.com (went through no reply) service@imscv.com (went through no reply) king.ma@imscv.com (bounced back) chenlihong@imscv.com (bounced back) Used the support page https://www.inmotionworld.com/services twice and no reply Don't know who else to contact if any one else can help would be greatly appreciated. The issue is with the app since changing phones from IPhone to Android I can't seem to get the app to work anymore. I have logged out of the iPhone and detached it from the iPhone but it doesn't matter what I try it won't work on the Android. It didn't worry me before but I dropped it a few weeks back and now for some reason tilt back is now at 20kph so that is why I need to get it to work and reset the speed. I can't use any other apps as they can not find the wheel it seems the Bluetooth is messed up.
  10. Wow the motor coil must be made of gold at that price ?
  11. @Scott Henley from all my previous aliexpress dealing and even the time when I dealt with gotway directly they all seem to use the same shipping company not sure if it's the same to the USA. The company they us is http://www.un-line.com/ the website looks really bad and the tracking is even worse. My very first purchase from Aliexpress had me worried also, I asked whether they had the wheel in stock and was told yes it would be coming in the next day or 2 and as soon as it arrives they will send it out. I waited a week and after that I asked where my wheel was could they provide me a tracking number as the website stated it will be sent via fedex. The reply I got scared me as I was told it wasn't going via FedEx and they are using a specialised freighting company as it was the only way to get it to me and asked me to be patient. After another week I asked for a tracking number and was told that he will chase one up and let me know as soon as he had one. The reason given was it can't be given until it hard left the country at that point I was starting to worry. I gave it another week and by now I was flat out asking where the hell my wheel was and where was this tracking number. I wasn't completely sure he knew what I was talking about as the replies were really weird and made no sense. All I got was a link to this website with no tracking number, after another 1 had passed and me demanding a tracking number I finally got one. When I entered the details in it showed the item was picked up a week or so ago and now is somewhere still within China. The website had no phone number to which I could call and when I sent an email to In-line they would never reply so you can imagine how worried I was. I knew I still had time before the buyer guarantee expired on Aliexpress so I wasn't going to lodge a claim until the time was near and plus I paid with a credit and knew I could recall my funds back through my credit in the worst case scenario. Looking at the tracking everyday I could see the parcel was finally moving it went from Shenzen China to Hong Kong to Singapore to Malaysia. The day I see the parcel left Malaysia is the day the wheel got delivered to my house all in one piece only 2 days later as I was curios it showed on the In-Line site that my parcel arrived in Australia and delivered to me. From buying to getting it took like almost 6 weeks, the wheel I got off Gotway directly took 5 weeks that was the shortest time and every other wheel since 5 + weeks. It is a lot of money and yes I agree communication could be a lot better I find this like you to be the hardest. I really hope you get your wheel soon, worst case is you get your money back which could be a good thing by than hopefully a dealer near you will have it in stock.
  12. You are 100% correct and yes sorry for calling you a racist without knowing anything about you that's my mistake I shouldn't have done that looking back. My point is offering advice is perfectly fine everyone here appreciates all the help, in this hobby we all love and yours is also appreciated but what I am trying to say and not saying it properly is lets not single out any culture. Every culture is so different and what might work in one country might not work in another.
  13. Aliexpress is like ebay just a Chinese version, how one acquires what they sell is beside the point all you need to understand is that the seller is going to give you what you paid for. If the buyer does not get what they paid for yes you can call them shady. Most ebay sellers sell things which are not directly from the producer how they got the items are no ones business. I fully am aware what I am talking about I have experienced the whole process on many occasions.
  14. I have bought plenty of things from the states and not everyone is as honourable as you might think, there are bad businesses everywhere but not once have I ever critics the whole US business culture based on a very few bad deals.
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