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  1. Tried the skinny Schwalbe Big Apple and Black Jack on my One E. Black Jack was really good in the winter and wet weather on rough ground, but it felt quite unstable at first because you're riding on the big threads that stick out. I recently returned to the stock wider-style city tyre and it feels really good. Coming straight from the Black Jack, the stock tyre feels amazingly stable.
  2. Hey, Me and a few friends (exactly 2) thought that it would be nice to organize an EUC meetup in Tallinn. There probably aren't many, if any, Estonian unicyclists in this forum, but I seriously hope I'm wrong. I've seen about 3 other EUC riders ride past me in different parts Estonia and there are loads of videos of people learning to ride their EUC's. Let's come together, share experiences and go on a ride! Silver
  3. Saw something like that at a fair in Germany. The owner rode it around the place with ease - looked promising.
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