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  1. Steve Persona

    is an euc a "motorized bicycle" in california

    You can ride anywhere you dont get caught. lol
  2. Steve Persona

    EUC Footwear?

    Under Armour Fat tire shoes , they have the boa closure , so no laces to worry about and super cushy michelin tire soles , and goretex breathable waterproof sides . Also very lightweight. I have had several people ask me if you have to wear those shoes to ride that thing because they look kind of strange because of the super thick soles.
  3. Steve Persona

    Anyone replaced their car yet?

    Mine would not start from not being used in so long , dead battery. I only use it to get to the good trails that are to far away to ride to. Would love to upgrade to the 100v from the 84v monster. Then I will have spent more money on the two wheels than I did on my car .
  4. Steve Persona

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Please produce the 2000w motor Monster. This would be the best for sure!!!!!!
  5. Steve Persona

    New Design Ideas for Future Generation EUC's

    My dream euc would be one you could easily disconnect your pedals and connect the euc between the forks of a fat bike with a modified bracket and convert the bike to an electric bike then when you dont feel like riding a bike pop off the wheel put the pedals back on and glide away. Been thinking about this concept for a while and think it could be done , as for control of the motor you could have a port to plug into on the euc that would be wired to a hand throttle on the bike , when connected to this port it would disable the gyro and just make the wheel a throttle controlled motor.It would be mind blowing to pull up on a bicycle and park ,disconnect the wheel and ride away on it.
  6. Steve Persona

    Mean Orlando Sidwalk Flattened My ACM

    Take off the battery side only , no need to remove the board and all the beautiful silicone off all the connections. Then you only have to disconnect 3 connectors on the battery.
  7. Steve Persona

    ACM2 1300 Wh vs. KS16s for newbie?

    I ride a monster and would not even consider buying a wheel under 18 inches for the fact that the larger wheels absorb a lot of the road hazards that are out there. I went from a first wheel of a ninebot one e+ and after riding the larger wheel the ninebot feels sloppy instead of glued to the road . I think the new z one will be a winner as it has the same good quality build as the one e but with the larger tire. Just something to think about.
  8. Steve Persona


    Rons crash video surely cannot be the first high speed crash video you have seen . The people calling names to him should be disciplined , there is no reason to call people names. And anyone that thinks he did it to sell merch is crazy . IT WAS A ACCIDENT!!!! If you dont think it was do you think anyone would risk a massive hospital bill and life threatening consequence to his health for the small profit of selling some merch. Anyone that thinks he is able to see the future of how bad a crash is going to be is the mor ron . Does not feel good to be called names , does it? I personally agree with everyone it is very bad for the outlook on eucs but we all learn from mistakes. Cut the guy some slack. Enough said. Cant we all just get along lol
  9. Steve Persona

    I am not being able to get it and I am Afraid of breaking it

    Just keep thinking of all the wasted money you spent if you dont learn to ride it . That gave me the determination to have the attitude ( I AM GOING TO RIDE THIS ) , I think the best approach was to go all in and put one foot on the pedal and as you step onto it catch the other pedal with your other foot as it comes up then stand up straight and apply pressure to front of peddles immediatley as motion helps to keep balance just like a bike is easier to balance when moving. DONT GIVE UP !!!!! You wont regret it when everything clicks .
  10. Steve Persona

    any tires and tubes that fit the tesla? or evwn tubless?

    acm Size: 16"; 57-305 @16x1.95 should be able to take the old tire to the bike shop and match with something with the proper tubeless tire. Looks like the tesla is a 16 x 2.125 size .
  11. Steve Persona

    any tires and tubes that fit the tesla? or evwn tubless?

    Not sure but I do believe that that is correct about the tire size being the same as a acm and yes this would be the perfect time to convert ( the tire that is ) I will try and check some specs on wheel size and possibly post back with confirmation of size later .
  12. Steve Persona

    any tires and tubes that fit the tesla? or evwn tubless?

    I have not converted any off my wheels yet (just have not had a flat yet) but I think you just have to install a proper valve stem and add some sealer to the wheel , not like slime but more like a rim sealer for a motorcycle rim . I also think it would be a smart idea to go tubeless as far as making a repair after a flat and really dont understand why the manufacturers use tubes as I think all wheels have solid rims with no spokes. Good luck on the conversion .
  13. Steve Persona

    How to Tighten Gotway (ACM) Axle Nuts

    Sorry posted advice as your video was still finishing and thought it would not hurt also. Happy gliding
  14. Steve Persona

    How to Tighten Gotway (ACM) Axle Nuts

    Marty , try to recalibrate your wheel , the same thing happened to my friends acm after installing a new motor and it fixed his same problem. Good luck
  15. Steve Persona

    EUC Sailing

    Yeah , carried a kiddie pool over to my daughters on my monster and a tiny amount of wind almost blew me over . Was like a huge sail , not fun.