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  1. Thanks Hal2000. I'll go back to the vendor.
  2. Hello all, I have an 18L which I love except for the cutoff fonction with the handle. The wheel always starts spinning in the middle of the stairs. I did the "calibration" in the crappy app but nothing changed. Do you have this problem too? Thanks in advance!
  3. I own the Jakkyl HDE and it's very comfortable. I found that the Bell was too tight on my cheeks but I have a large face... thanks for taking the time to do this @WARPed1701D! By the way I have recently acquired a Blinder Road 400 and mounted it on my helmet for riding at night. It's perfect for our horrible roads here in Montreal. I can average 20kmh with it which is not bad at all for night riding without bulky lights. https://www.knog.com.au/blinder-road-400.html
  4. Thanks Marty. I've never done any of this so I feel like a complete idiot! You're saying Slime is not a problem even if I don't use my wheel during the winter (4-5 months) here in Canada? Great to have all of you here. Cheers
  5. Same thing here. It's quite frustrating all this crappy QC on Gotway's part. I hope I can fix it somehow because my right foot hurts after a while since the angle is higher. Plus I have to pull like Hercules to put it back up. I would just expect more from a $US 2,000 wheel, which translate into $Can 3,000 for me with import taxes and fees.. ?
  6. Thanks everyone for all your replies. Sorry about the delay I was able to read some of you but didn't have time to reply it was my son's 6th anniversary and we had the inlaws over for the weekend. Strangely enough my wheel pressure stayed the same over the weekend I suspect it's just the valve. I don't want to put slime into the tube because I don't want anything to affect the balance of the wheel in any way. Plus I've heard that when it's there for a while without moving it takes a while to be fluid again. I travel for my work so that's no good. I'll wait and see. Perhaps I can simply replace the valve. I've asked Jason we'll see. Thanks again guys Frederic
  7. Hi Everyone, I got my MSuper S+ a few days ago and I'm loving it. However, I've been using it only 3 times and it seems like I'm losing close to 5 PSI of air pressure every day (I do about 15kms daily, weigh 200lbs and ride between 25-30 km/h). When I received the wheel the tire was completely deflated. It wasn't the case when I received my V8 and certainly not losing that much air daily either. I'm a bit worried and frustrated about this. Did you guys receive your own wheel completely deflated?? @Marty Backe? Thanks. Cheers Frederic
  8. Indeed. Thank you Jason for trying to keep us as safe as possible! Oh, and I LOVE MY NEW MSUPER S+!!! In Montreal 30kmh feels fast enough with these notoriously terrible roads and I can just feel that extra power available to me if needed.
  9. Thanks again, guys. Willl post some pictures of my MSuper S+ once it's all "pimped up" (the boring pimp kind) with reflective tapes, padding etc. and perhaps do a video of the streets of Montreal with it! GoPro is next on my list if I do that... I will be poor when I retire... @EU GUY, I will definitely contact you about the 3d printing specs of your mud guard. Peace!
  10. I belong to the first category for the first couple of days and then the heck with it... Indeed these wheels are meant to have fun with. As soon as I get my first scratches I have more fun with the wheel. They don't belong in a museum! But still, the whole "perfect new (and expensive) gift to myself" takes over during the first days. @Paddylaz, I will try to remember to take unboxing photos for you!
  11. I alternated between both the ACM S+ 1600wh and the MSuper S+ 1600wh for a whole afternoon in London thanks to @Eddrush. The ACM is more "fun", indeed more nimble but at high speeds I don't feel very safe on the ACM because the pedals are too low and when carving, the side of your foot or the pedal can suddenly touch the ground and throw you off! That's a recipe for disaster. You also do feel the bumps more so that's another safety issue if you go higher than 30kmh. The MSuper S+ is not perfect but to me it's still the best out there for fun long distance commuting, and safe thanks to the 84V. I ordered mine from Jason McNeil at ewheels. I will buy the next version of the ACM only if they integrate a trolley and have higher pedals. Until then I'll have fun on the MSuper S+!
  12. Thanks so much everyone! You guys are so helpful. Do you mind answering one last question? When I charge my MSuper S+ for the first time, should I charge it at the slowest possible setting and let it charge for about 3 hours after it says full? That's what Inmotion recommended in the manual but Jason says you can't really rely on anything in the manual... Thanks again! I love this forum and its outstanding, generous members! Freddy
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