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  1. Fitz0uille

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Z10 22 any information about weight for z8 or z6 (I guess less important (20 and 18 ?)
  2. Fitz0uille

    Kingsong Alarm Details and Explanation

    KS16S V1.0
  3. Fitz0uille

    Kingsong Alarm Details and Explanation

    I have an other experience : Low battery : TB before Alarm. Make a test but in my case, alarms don't scaled down
  4. Fitz0uille

    Sudden KS16 cutout ???

    @Diana@szkingsong.com he seems to accelerate slowly and not rigth after the start : " I was riding at low speed talking to a Cyclist " Never had this issue with KS16S but i never truly feel safe cause alarm aren't link with engine couple. That's something who may lead me to buy an gotway. But wait and see, firmware evolve with time
  5. Fitz0uille

    Sudden KS16 cutout ???

    It's not linked. Calibration doesn't explain your cut off... Weird
  6. Fitz0uille

    Sudden KS16 cutout ???

    Well i guess that is the main problem of KS firmware... They never take in concideration the load of our engine. I trully hope they fix that soon ( @Diana@szkingsong.com ) @cm16600When you cut off : Did you accelerate strongly ? Did you were in uphill ?
  7. Fitz0uille

    KS14D Firmware 1.02

    I read a lot about the 1.02 on KS14D, the main issue seems to be a hudge speed reduction bellow 40% of battery.
  8. Fitz0uille

    Kingsong Alarm Details and Explanation

    You have speed alarm and System alarm in KS 16S if you don't cut the sound you will hear a sentence who says what happens In my experience, Alarm doesn't adapt with KS16S firmware 1.00. That's odd cause I think they have adapted with KS16B 1.25 (I haven't made a lot of test so I'm not sure) If you set alarm 3 on KS16S at 30km/h you will heard beeps only at 30km/s wihtout any consideration of your engine couple. If you have only 30% of battery, you will feel TB before hear alarm 3 (~28Km.h). I'm not sure about behavior during an uphill but i guess that will be the same. I hope they will fix that in a near future cause I find this behavior not really safe for the end user...
  9. Fitz0uille

    KS16s firmware feedback v1.00

    Hi everyone, Do you have any feed back in KS16S 1.00 Firmware. I guess @Jack Frost could have a good echange with Tina based on this thread Here is a "few" of mine : o Smooth ride but not constant. § When you take short turn your pedals up (Sometime in an impressive way) but when you take a long one they still dive in (A very little but you can feel it) o Alert don't adapt. § Settings : Alert 3 : 30 ; TB 31 § Battery : <30% TB down to 28 but alert still at 30 § I guess it's the same when you climb o Hello Kingsong § So great, he isn't loud o Odometer § Seems correct now (No communication on this important feature, it's wired) § Didn't check for speed, check only on total KM o Curent mileage § don't reset rigth after your turn off your wheel (A manual reset could be better :)) o Bluetooth button § Don't work proprely § Turn on : bluetooth ON § Turn off : Still ON § Now, my "Kingsong music is ALAWYS ON (Except if i turn of my wheel)
  10. Fitz0uille

    My KS-16S (sport) review

    A very negatif point ! Currently on 1.00 KS16S, alert don't adapt. When you are low in batterie, you don't have any warning before tiltback !! Wasn't the case on the KS16B hope they will fix it soon