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  1. Our goal to make extended battery did not succeed. The new app's update slowed down miniPRO that use batteries without Ninebot code. We took extended range More4Mini batteries off the market. It is a little sad since we have receive a lot of requests from the Client. If you need a replacement Ninebot battery you can still get it at More4Mini. Best, More4Mini team
  2. It is still a mystery how people manage to brear steering shafts or/and steering knobs (red part)... but they do. good news is that replacement parts are cheap.
  3. There are several models of handlebars for MiniPro available on the market. Walt sells the one that is manufactured by KSR Group. I think the price in Europe is about 100+ euro plus VAT. More4Mini
  4. There are several option to get replacement tires. Tires for Xiaomi Mini will fit as well. There are aftermarket tires of a very good quality (much better then labeled Ninebot). https://more4mini.com/collections/spare-parts-and-accessories/products/replacement-tire-for-segway-minipro
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